Highlighting Island Granite

fritzpSeptember 10, 2010

We are thinking of putting in Galactica Blue granite for our island but do not know what type of lighting we should have over it in order to highlight the blue shimmer (for lack of better words). Currently there are recessed lights over the island and halogen lights do seem to bring out our sample color. I was wondering if there are much better alternatives. Am hesitant on pendants as they all seem to be more for accent lighting and do not cast a bright enough light onto the surface. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Try changing to CFL lights with a cooler color temperature.

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Halogen is going to be your best bet. They have a great CRI and a good crispness of light. If you can get away with low voltage halogen, they'll be even better- less heat projection than line voltage.

Pendants are fine. Just as long as they use halogen bulbs.

Color temperature is good gauge for the overall look of the light... sort of the feel that it gives to the room. But it's the Color Rendering Index (CRI) number which shows how well the lights source shows the true color of what's being illuminated.

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