Beam spread of Cree CR6 vs CR4

ccolbySeptember 25, 2012

I'm considering retrofitting Cree CR4 lights throughout my house. I currently don't have any 4" cans, but I do have a couple of 6" cans, so to test out how these lights look I went to Home Depot and bought the 575 lumen version of the CR6 (ECO-575L). Since the CR4 has the same lumen output as the 575-lumen CR6, I figure this will be a good test. But what about beam spread? I know that 4" lights can sometimes have a narrower spread than 6" as a general rule. But has anyone compared the CR4 against the CR6 specifically? If I'm happy with the CR6 beam spread, will I be happy with the CR4?

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See the specs. Note that the CR6 spec covers both the 800L and 575L versions, if you are comparing candlepower. The CR4 is a tiny bit wider, but I doubt that one would notice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cree CR4 specification

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Thanks. Yes, I did study the beam spread graphs on Cree's site, and they do look similar. But I was hoping to find someone who has seen both and could give me a more subjective judgment.

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I like your username, by the way.

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You could kludge up a way to hang a 4" Cree in a 6" can, and see for yourself.

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Hey, ccolby, how did that work you for you? I am still debating whether to put in 4" or 6" Crees in my childs bedroom (8 ceiling, 12 X 13). We like the looks of the 4 but want the power of the 6.

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Yes, I would like to hear opinions on 4 inch or 6 inch for my kitchen. Electrician poo-poo'd the 4-inch size to my husband, and want to make sure I don't make a mistake going with the 6 inch.

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The CR6 and CR4 have very similar performance for a 8' ceiling.

The CR6 had the same output as the CR4 when introduced.

Both already outperform the standard bulb (including CFLs) in a recessed can setup.

The 800 lumen version of the CR6 helps when your ceiling height is >= 10'.

An advantage of the CR6 is that it is easier to install for people with large hands since the enclosing can is ~ 2" larger in diameter.

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I have about a week to decide before my electrician installs the lights. I want a lot of light in the bedroom (leaning toward the 6"). But the 4" look much better (leaning toward the 4").

People are saying that the 4" lights up the room just as much as the 6". Is this true?

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And my concern is whether the 4-inch looks just like spotlights, or whether the light spreads.

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The CR4 does not behave like a spotlight as there is no parabolic reflector to direct the light.

However, since the aperture is 2" smaller than either a LR6 or CR6, the spread will be somewhat less which may / may not be noticeable when the lights are deployed on a 8' ceiling.

The CR and LR series from Cree are constructed in a similar fashion - a mix of different light color LED elements all facing outwards behind a translucent lens which acts as a mixing chamber and reduces the glare.

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I looked at the pdf and don't understand how to interpret the beam spread.

What's the beam spread for 112" high ceilings with CR4?

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