How to override ATC on Bravos for warm wash?

enjoyinglife365November 7, 2010

The warm wash temperature in my maytag bravos B850 top loader is not getting warm enough. The warm water feels like my cold water does in the summer. On my old machine, I just turned down the cold valve so that more hot water went in than cold water. I believe the Automatic temperature control is preventing this simple method from working in this new machine. As a result, my clothes are not getting clean. Not even close to clean. The hot is too hot to wash my warm clothes. Is there a way to override the ATC? Or a way to trick the machine?

To all those paid whirlpool/maytag people on this board who will try to make it sound like I don't know how to read instructions on how to wash clothes... don't even go there. My only error was having to rush into a purchase decision because... life has more important matters to deal with.

The water heater is next to the washer. That is not the issue. The issue is that to pass energy efficiency ratings, they make the warm too cold.

I should have purchased an old fashioned cheap washer (with which I have better control over my water temperature) and just planned to replace it more often. Heck, who knows how long this one will really last anyway.

P.S. If you are looking for a new machine think cheap and old technology. For the money you save, you can afford to buy new machines more often. I am NOT happy with this purchase especially considering the money.

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As you've found, with temperature sensing involved, simply adjusting the supply taps won't work. The machine will modulate the valves to get the target temp per its programming.

One possible workaround, that involves "work" on your part, is to set the fill on hot at the start to get some warmer water in, then switch it to warm for the remainder (or vice versa -- start on warm, switch to hot). This assumes you can change the temp on-the-fly without canceling/restarting the cycle, and also that you can estimate the final fill level so the temp setting can be changed at an appropriate time.

Or, if you're really irritated and serious about dealing with the situation ... add a couple Y adapters with shut-off valves to the fill hoses so you can manually mix some cold into the hot. Use the hot temp setting for warm, adjusted to your liking. You can shut the cold tap off temporarily for a true hot fill so you don't have to adjust the hot/cold mix.

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I tried setting the fill to hot and switching back and vise verse. It didn't work. I added more detergent, picked a longer cycle, and a rougher cycle in order to get them clean. That will not be a good long term solution.
I should have given more attention to the negative posts.
Since so many other people didn't have the problems, I discounted them. I also saw posts about the wrinkled clothes. I too discounted those thinking there was a different issue. I do not iron and do not plan to iron.
I am sure now that those happy campers are Maytag sales reps.

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According to service manual a warm wash cold rinse fill will be 85 degrees plus or minus 5 degrees with properly operating ATC

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Wish I had seen that service manual before I purchased it. That would have been a red flag. (I only received a use and care guide and installation manual.) All my clothes labeled 30 degree celsius (86 degree fahrenheit) say cold wash. The warm wash on my clothes say 40 degrees celsius which is 104 degrees fahrenheit.

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OP, I believe you'll find that the 'hot' water setting doesn't give you true hot water, either. I really think it will give you true warm water (about 120 F). You might check that by washing some sheets or something else which can't be harmed by hot water, then pause the washer to check the water's temp (either by hand or with an aquarium thermometer) while the laundry is washing.

Unfortunately, the great majority of HE (and even non-HE) washers have low water temps these days. My first Bravos washer was fine until I got a new energy-saver hot water heater; after that, I had your problem.

A good friend wanted my washer as is, and I ended up getting a Bravos washer w/ an internal water heater -- I don't know if that is an option for you, or not. If you bought it at Lowe's (and, perhaps, Sears), you may be able to return it and/or swap for one with the onboard water heater. I hope this helps.

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My Maytag Neptune 7500 ATC is set for 65 cold, 105 warm, and Tap hot with energy saver enabvled and with the heater on it works 65 cold at 105 warm and 130 hot. ATC has its own sensor in the water valve and water heater has its own sensor in the outer tub reservoir.
So energy star sure has dug its claws into your modern wash and I forsee many problems with all machines with odors from buildup, especially if you use liguid detergents.

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Doesn't your machine have a "clean boost" button to engage the heater? I thought the 850 had the heater.


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OP, I just noticed you said your Bravos washer is the 850 model. That's the one I have, and it has the internal water heater. You can use it when washing laundry with hot or warm water (I've done both).

The button to activate the water heater is on the lower right side of my washer panel, to the far right of the top row of wash modifiers. Your washer manual should show where everything is.

Also -- re: the "wrinkles" thread: the Bravos B850 capacity is 5.2 cu ft. The matching dryer has a capacity of 7.3 cu ft. If your dryer isn't that big, you may need to divide wash loads in half when drying them in order to avoid wrinkles.


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If you find a service tech that is willing to do it, you can remove the wires from the thermister that controls the temps. We have a customer with the same complaint so we hooked up a machine in our shop and tested it. Warm wash was 72 degrees when connected and 80 degrees when not connected.

A note for your comment on buying a cheaper machine. Almost every model of washer has ATC. Even the top loaders with agitators. ALL laundry is being regulated now in order to meet energy saving standards. Also, adding more degergent will usually not help get clothes clean. Less is better.

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OP, try using clean boost heater coz it supposed to do that & keep the water hot but I don't know how many degrees.

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Yep new conventional toploader now use cooler water, it is stated in the owners manual. My Wave force washer does too, but I can honestly say I have not experienced cleaning issues with it so far and Ive had it almost two month. At first I was turned off by the cooler temps, but I knew that before I bought it, so I cant whine over it LOL

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I am sure now that those happy campers are Maytag sales reps.

OP, I realize you were upset, and that it's been some time since you posted about this -- I hope your washer is doing much better now.

Somehow I missed your comment above the first time I read your posts.

I am indeed a happy camper -- I absolutely love my Maytag Bravos w/d -- but I am not, nor have I ever been, a Maytag sales rep (or any other sales rep, for that matter).

My career has been in education, more than 25 years now.

Again, I do hope your washer is performing much better now.

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I'm very unhappy with my 7-month old Bravos washer right now. I discovered no clean underwear this morning, so I put a load in to wash. Thank goodness for my 2 observant kittens who alerted me to a river of water spreading on my hardwood floors emanating from the laundry room. It didn't get past the wash cycle, so now I have a tub of wet, soapy clothes with no service available until at least Monday (it's Sat. morning right now). Guess it's either hand-wash or find my nearest laundromat. So NOT how I wanted to spend my Saturday.

I'm missing my 20-yr-old Kenmores which were still working PERFECTLY when I got seduced by the allure of all new appliances in my brand new house.....

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