Need medium capacity, quiet washer with heater

cme10aeNovember 16, 2013

I'm getting frustrated looking for a new washer. Our current machine is 2.7 cu ft and can't wash a queen size (thin) comforter. I'd like something larger, but now that our boys have grown up we don't need anything over about a 4.0. Most of the loads I wash are on the smaller side, with the exception of bedding. I'd like an integrated heater and even better would be one that is user friendly and versatile so I could choose my own heat levels. On top of that the laundry are is integrated into our kitchen/living area, so it needs to be quiet too.

I was almost set to buy the Maytag Maxima (the 7000 model) but it just seems like I'd be under-using the capacity. Am I over thinking this?

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Look into Frigidaire for a good basic washer:

Electrolux (Frigidaire's higher end line) for more features:

Links are to the lower tier of washers but with decent capacity and with integrated heater.

More money gets you larger capacity, more options, faster spin speeds.

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