Stadium food nowadays

jkom51July 18, 2014

Our pro football team has moved 40 miles south to a fancy new stadium. I'm old enough to remember huddling in outdoor stadiums eating hot dogs and cheap beer, with hooch smuggled in via metal flasks.

How times have changed, LOL! Now it's locavore, sustainable, compostable, cage-free, range-fed, vegan and vegetarian. There's curry and Chinese bao and Salvadorean tortas and Jamaican cassava chips - about 180 food types, according to EaterSF. There's CA burritos, an upscale steakhouse and 42 brands of draft beer in a beerpub.

All the menus will be on digital big-screen TVs, of course. No tailgating parties; there's actually very little parking as they want people to use public transit.

Here is a link that might be useful: EaterSF: What's on the Menu at the 49ers' New Levi's Stadium

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"---No tailgating parties; there's actually very little parking as they want people to use public transit.---"

Yes, there will always be tailgating. Here in NYC, whenever there is a big sports event, you find lots of people having tailgate parties, miles from the stadium.

Eating and drinking is what sports all about.


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Here, in Britany, it's galette saucisse. A galette is a savoury version of a crepe made with buckwheat flour wrapped round a hot pork sausage - keeps your hands warm in the winter! There's even a song about it. Galette saucisse, je t'aime.

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