general room lighting--from the wall?

still_lynnskiSeptember 23, 2010

Our large open living room needs a lot more general light. It's wired for 2 wall fixtures @ 10' high and 20' across from each other. That's a lot of space to illuminate! The previous owners mounted track lights on the walls, and that looked just awful. I'm looking for new wall fixtures, but haven't found any that would put out a LOT of light and don't look like multi-light bathroom light-bar fixtures.

Any suggestions? I'm hoping for a lot of light, but a minimalist/contemporary fixture. We can make changes to the wiring if necessary, but the fixtures still have to mount on the wall.

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You will probably need to put 3x that many fixtures in if you want a minimalist fixture and enough light for that size of room. Just my 2â

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OK--what if I let go of the desire for a "minimalist" fixture? Is there any way to get enough light in a wall-mounted fixture? Where would I look? The fixtures called "sconces" seem to be relatively low wattage, and those called "vanity" are all bathroom light bars that would not be right for a living room. Any suggestions? Is there a category of lighting fixture that I'm just not aware of?

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If you're looking at minimalist lighting without concern for cost,
you might want to look at the possibility of LED molding (linearlux) from

The ledfolio website seems to be down "under construction" right now.

Here is a link that might be useful: linearLux

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Oooh, cost is definitely a concern. Thanks.

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Hi there,
I just posted a similar question, looking for ideas for 2 hardwired lights on LR wall, but ours are only about 6' off ground, and 10' apart. Same issue -- need more light! (Currently have sconces, clamshell shape, shining upward -- don't do anything!) I'm eager to hear other ideas/suggestions too, but one style I've looked at is the lampshade-style on some sort of arm. Not as much light as a track/multi-bulb unit (which I would prefer as well for output, but at 6' height, I don't think would work in our room), but at least the light would deflect down/out, which isn't the case w/ most sconces I've seen. You might want to look at that lampshade/arm style too??

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