Recommend Trim for 6" Halo?

hoog23September 28, 2012

I just replaced some old can's with a set of 6 inch halo H7ICAT cans.

Since the old ones had some old br40 incandescants I got some sylvania br40 led's. They appear to stick out the bottom of the can too much - even with the adjustable plate adjusted as far up as it will go. Anyhow I don't like the (diffused) light from the sylvania br40's.

Could someone recommend a 'modern' looking par 30 trim?

Thank You

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Here is a shot with a par30 installed.

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With LEDs, it would be simpler and perhaps cheaper to use a CREE CR6 or Sylvania RT6 lamp which comes with the trim attached. In some counties, the CR6 costs 24.99 @ Home Depot.

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Thanks for the recommendation.

The ecospmart's are $27 here in NY and $20 over the line in CT.

I just purchased a single ecosmart (nearby here in NY) to try it out. I already had a unused Halo rl560wh-r that I planed to use in the shower that I also installed in the same hallway for comparison. The light from the cree looks (considerably) better but I am not a fan of the cree clips as I am having trouble getting the trim flush with the ceiling.

I will probably just go with cree's (of course purchased in CT) in the upstairs hallway and then try to get ahold of some of the sylvania's to try out in some old can's that I have downstairs. I have a source that can get me the Sylvania's but it usually takes a couple of weeks.

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It takes a little practice and patience to get the CREE lamps flush. Remember to twist clockwise at the end.

The Sylvania RT-6 can is available @ Lowes.

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