heavy chandelier on vaulted ceiling

bananafanaSeptember 11, 2010

Hi. I just bought an older, heavy, 30 lb chandelier that I want to hang on a vaulted ceiling. The angle is quite steep.

The chandelier is on a chain attached to a big eye which has a male threaded fitting on the other end, about 7/8" diameter.

Can anyone tell me what to check for to make sure that the angled box can handle the weight. Are there any other safety issues I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.

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The box should be made of steel and be securely attached to the framing which has to be fairly robust.

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You need a mounting device rated to handle that much weight. An ordinary junction box isn't sufficient, even a steel one.

I recommend a ceiling fan brace. It will include both a sturdy fan-rated box and a supplemental brace that goes between two ceiling joists. It's fairly easy to install in an existing ceiling.

Your local electrical supply shop can provide one. See the example below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceiling Fan Brace

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Thanks for the info. I'll go with a brace.

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