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SQAWN542November 13, 2013

Purchased Speed Queen AWN542 about 2 months ago. Really enjoying a simple to use washer that cleans my clothes very well.

Hope to share my experiences with this fine machine along with what I learned in researching a replacement for the GE profile that gave up the ghost after 14 trouble free years.

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SQAWN542 aka Washman from

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Yes indeed. Due to mitigating circumstances, I have left that forum and found this one.

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Yeah... I read your thread on just this very minute. What a shame. Hope you'll like it here.


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Hi SQAWN542 and welcome to the Laundry Room. While I'm not a member AWO, just haven't got around to joining, I did so enjoy your posts and vids. as well as the ads. As a fellow 542 owner, I look forward to all your input and experiences. Oh, and I agree with you all the way.
While it seems most members on here are into HE, it's nice to have an old school fan on board.:)

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The Rifleman slinging Speed! Oh, and welcome aboard.

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Hi and welcome ! I used to be on that website as agiflow several years back. I too purchased a speed queen back in march and must say these are excellent machines. Have yet to have an unbalanced load bang on the cabinet or make the machine walk.Very smooth quiet spin and great washing.
Have model AWN432. One thing I notice during wash. The tub in mine leans back and to the right towards the control knob, but is always balanced after spin. I hear this is normal though.

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I look forward to sharing good experiences with the AWN 542. The last of the old school machines that does laundry w/o making it a torture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washing mixed load of clothes

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