My dog has fleas... questions on wash

sharon620November 11, 2009

I have been washing our bedding (where she sleep) on the sanitary cycle on my whirlpool front loader. It takes 2 hrs to wash and washes on extra hot wash.

Would you use this setting for this situation? And in the sanitary cycle does that water really get that much hotter?

Dr. says if there are fleas in the bed, just to vacuum it. They should have died off from the med I put on the dog. Grouse!

It has been taking me 2 days so far and I am not finished yet doing everything.

Do you think I am over washing my bedding and clothing?

thank you friends!


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Usually one good wash will remove fleas and eggs. They do not stick like lice do so they are usually not as hard to remove. Make sure you vacuum the house really well and clean any surfaces the sweet lil doggie hangs out. I also recommend getting some bug killing spray and spray it in all the corners towards floor and along the base boards towards floor to get the fleas and eggs that the vacuum could not reach. Vacuum curtains and any apolstered furniture as well. When you empty the vaccum, place the contents in a plastic bag and tie shut immediately and drop outside in can right away. Keep in mind fleas can come back. Easiest way to combat them is just to clean regularly.

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Sharon -
Just the detergent in the wash at any temp, followed by the heat of the dryer, is enough to kill fleas, larvae and eggs.

To vacuum, drop some flea powder on the floor, vacuum it up to make a death trap of the bag, then vacuum VERY thoroughly, especially cracks and crevices in furniture, baseboards, etc.

Flea larvae eat dead organic matter - dandruff, hair, etc, so anywhere you have rugs, upholstery and soft stuff you need to vacuum.

Then IMMEDIATELY remove the bag, seal it into a plastic trash bag and discard it.

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I would do as others have stated with vacuuming. Also, if you sprinkle borax around the house and let it set for 24 hours before you vacuume it and it will kill all the fleas, larvae and dry out their eggs, thus breaking the infestation cycle. Borax can be toxic but you would need to ingest a large amount for it to become toxic to humans or pets. We have had a flea infestation in the past and this fixed the problem and we had no more fleas. As far as washing goes, I just used regular warm water and it took care of the issue.

We haven't had a flea infestation in years. I just do this once a year as a preventative measure (usually in the spring) and we have no fleas in our house. Also, you might start treating your lawn for fleas as that is how they get on your animals and into the house.

Another thing, try getting some brewers yeast and put about a tablespoon in their food each morning. The fleas hate the smell of it and it is just good vitamins for your animals. I don't buy advantage or anything else for my pets. Just by doing those 2 things we have a flea free home.

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xhappyx, did you use borax, or boric acid?

We have neighbors whose very nice home was flea-infested (including the basement) when they moved in; the former owners had owned many cats. They used boric acid as you described to kill the fleas, larva, and eggs, and it was effective. They did have to do it at least twice because the infestation was so severe. They do not have pets, so they didn't have to worry about causing harm to animals.

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I just use regular borax, and it seems to do the job just fine. If there is any way you can gate your dogs into the kitchen or garage for that 24 hours until you vacuume it up that would help so you can do it.

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Borax works. Shake it over carpeted area and "broom" it in. If you vacuum too early, reapply. Borax needs to get under the carpet to continue killing the fleas.
Remember every time you steam clean the carpet, you need to re-apply the borax.
I did it every 4-6 months when I had my pup.

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Oh yeah, thanks Czechchick2. I forgot to mention about sweeping it into the carpet to get it really down into the fibers. It really does work though, we don't have any flea problems at our house.

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