Advice on fully adjustable pendants for bi-level ceiling

eastcoastmomSeptember 25, 2009

I'm cross posting with the kitchen forum, hope that's OK.

I am wondering if anyone can help me with a big dilemma. After searching high and low, I finally found this pendant light from Hudson Valley which I think would work very well in my kitchen. The problems is that they are not fully adjustable - they come with rods of varying lengths, 3", 6", 12" and two 18" rods, that can be put together. The reason that this is a problem is that my ceiling height changes right over my island - and the difference between the two ceiling sections is 13".

This is so frustrating because on top of this restriction, the ceiling height on the low end is 8 foot, so I am already limited enough with my choices as it is. The guy at a lighting store that carries these says there is no way to cut the rods on the Hudson Valley pendants to make them even.

I know that there are other companies out there that make fully adjustable rods (Visual Comfort is one but they don't seem to have the glass version of this ). Is there anything else like this out there that is also fully adjustable and/or does anyone have any other suggestions for making the Hudson Valley ones work?


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Fully adjustable pendants are sold by
e.g. see Brightwood Item # AA 0110
In addition these lights are sold with diverse shades or with no shade. So if you don't like the shades they have you can find separate shades. The fixtures have the classic (old fashioned) shade holder in typical sizes. also sells period shades with sized fitters. It is not entirely clear to me how adjustable the length is. They ask to the nearest inch. I found them to be very helpful by phone when I had questions about other things.

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This same light comes in multiple versions with 2 and 3 lights, thereby avoiding the whole problem

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