Please critique my lighting layout

dhustonSeptember 23, 2011

Here is my first draft of my lighting layout for my kithcen, living room, dining room, and porch. Please tell me what you think. I am concerned about not having enough light. I can always add dimmers later. Ceilings are ten feet high. Fans in living room will have lights. Fans on porch will probably not. Concerned about strobe light effect from cans around the fans. How far should they be apart? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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At first glance, it looks ok.

Are you using 4" cans?

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Planning on 6 inch cans. Would love to do CR6's but running on a tight budget so I dont think that is going to be possible right now. Saw some at HD yesterday for 40 bucks! Hoping they will keep going down and I can do it later on room by room. On that note, I was planning on using some lutron dimmers will they work with the CR6?

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Why so many cans then?

I would aim for ~ 20 lumens per sq ft for the areas outside the kitchen. I would also assume an output of 350 - 400 lumens per bulb on the fans with lights and count the output towards the total light output per room.
The diva cl (for led and fluorescents) works well.

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Thanks so much for your help. What spacing would you recommend on the 6 in cans for outside the kitchen? Also, how far away should i keep them from the fans to avoid the strobe light effect. Ceilings are ten feet.

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About 30" to 32" from the wall and about 4 ft apart. The strobe effect will not be noticable so long as the lights are not directly above the fan blades.

I would imagine for the living room ~ 4 across the 17' span and no more than 5 for the 22 ft side. Total num of cans ~ 15 - 13.
If you assume all the light coming from the cans -15 (500 lumens per can) for ~20 lumens per sq ft.

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