SpeedQueen rips clothes

WashMe887November 25, 2012

I got a Speed Queen 542 about 3 years ago. Wanted simple, non electronic, reliable, quality etc. Generally happy. I do notice, however, that it tends to rip holes in some clothes, some of the time. Not all, not everytime. I would go full delicate for wash and spin, but then everything comes out pretty wet and takes forever to dry. Wondered if anyone has had this problem, and any suggestions? I hate having to shop for new washer all over again.

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Make sure you zip zippers shut, button clothing up before adding to the washer. And don't overload the unit either.
This should resolve your problems.

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Hmm, I haven't experienced this problem since my SQ FL purchase in May '12. Maybe because I wash the towels, heavier clothes on bulky but try not to overload. Haven't bothered closing zippers or buttoning. On bulky it's less rpm's for spin then on regular (750 vs 1000 I believe). Lots of water in there (I think 13 gallons per wash), so the clothes and towels get pretty admixed with the water before the spin and while they are slightly heavier, it seems the SQ dryer works efficiently to take the water out without extra time for mine.

Have you checked your stainless steel cage to see if anything sharp is present? Perhaps something got caught up in it? You might wish to call SQ directly. Their customer service is very helpful.

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SparklingWater, 542 is a toploader.

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I don't follow the love that some in GW put on SQ Top Loaders as agitators tend to be rougher on clothes especially when overloaded.

I recommend that you reduce your load size to ensure that the clothes are freely moving down through the middle and up on the outside (turn-over). This will reduce the abuse that paddles will have on the clothing.
Your turnover rate should be at about 30 seconds or less (some say 1 minute or less) for an item to go from top to bottom to top again.

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This is why I love my FL - easy on the clothes and they come out of the washer almost dry. Sometimes simple and non-electronic isn't better.

Hopefully smaller loads will help you. Be sure and turn clothes with zippers inside out after zipping them up and use lingerie bags for delicate knits and undies.

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I have had similar experience with speed queen... destroys clothes, destroys clothes with elastic etc etc.

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Very strange, we have found that our Speed Queen AWN432 is sooooo much gentler on clothes than either of the HE top loaders we previously had.

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I imagine any machine used improperly can and will cause fabric damage.


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how does one use a washing machine "improperly". There is very little room for error... the only pre-requisite is you throw in clothes only, no pots pans or bricks.

As long as there are only clothes in there and you know how to press a button and throw in laundry soap... rest is upto the machine.

Unless i am missing a key component of doing laundry i stick with the use clothes only, laundry soap and colours vs whites and that's it.

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There are many errors the user can make.

Sorting incorrectly, mixing items that should not be washed together. Fabrics that are not dye-stable may bleed, even in cold water. Heavy denim jeans should not be washed with stretchy knits, for example. Open zippers, snaps, and other fasteners can snag even when like-items are washed together.

Inappropriate cycle settings ... too aggressive wash action for the fabric or garment type ... damaging water temperature on items that can shrink ... insufficient water level on a manual-selection toploader ... too high spin speed causing excess wrinkling ... the list goes on ...

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Nods. With my speedqueen it was rough on garments even when all clothes were aggressively sorted.

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