Can somone school me on under cab lighting

dakota01September 28, 2010

I have the wires installed for UCL in my kitchen.

I dont' know the differnce between the halogens, leds, and whatever else may be avaiable.

Looking for information, pros/cons on the different lighting available.


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There are 3 main things to be aware of
1. Light choice - halogen, xenon, led, fluorescent
2. Direct wire (AC 120v) or low voltage (12 - 24DC) fixtures.
3. Controls - 1 switch or multi-way, dimmable or not dimmable.

LED pros
1. Thin profile (2. Usually dimmable.
3. Low heat output.
4. High light output possible.
1. Could be pricey. Need to shop around.

Halogen Pros
1. Good CRI (Color Rendition Index)
1. Hot.
2. Bulbs will burn out relatively quickly
Xenon - similar to Halogen in terms of pros and cons

Fluorescent Pros
1. Cheap
2. Good light output.
1. Profile not quite as slim as LED
2. Usually not dimmable

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So LED is probably the best choice. I had ucl in my last house, I think it was halogen. I really never used the lights, but I hope I do in this new house.

Thanks for putting this in terms that I can understand.

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If you're under a tight budget, go with fluorescent. Otherwise, it's really your choice (* unless you are subject to energy efficiency laws like title 24)

If your kitchen cabinets and sheet rock are not yet installed, you can still contemplate using low voltage lighting.

Read the initial posting on DIY under cabinet lighting very carefully.

The description of the wiring is suitable for any low voltage lighting.

If you have more questions, send me an e-mail.


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After researching UCL, I found out that LEDs are not as commonly used and are still new. Halogens tend to get very hot. I got Xenon since they are very common. I like them, and they give off decent light. They tend to make my cabinets a bit hot, but it works fine. I got these lights:

Here is a link that might be useful: Xenon lights

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