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izzieSeptember 7, 2009

I am tempted to purchase a LED light bulb to be used in a lamp, also for a light for husband scale ship hobby, usually uses floresent because they are cooler.

I found this info on Excel energy site:



LED technology continues to develop rapidly as a general light source.

As more LED products and light fixtures are introduced on the market, what do retailers, energy efficiency advocates, and consumers need to know to make informed buying decisions?

Building Technologies Program

LED Basics

Diamond Dragon LED. Photo Credit: Osram Opto Semiconductor.

Photo credit: Philips Lumileds

Are LEDs ready for general lighting?

The number of white light LED products available on the market continues to grow, including portable desk/task lights, under-cabinet lights, recessed downlights, retail display lights, and outdoor fixtures for street, parking lot, path, and other area lighting. Some of these products perform very well, but the quality and energy efficiency of

LED products still varies widely, for several reasons:

1. LED technology continues to change and evolve very quickly.

New generations of LED devices become available approximately

every 4 to 6 months.

2. Lighting fixture manufacturers face a learning curve in applying LEDs.

Because they are sensitive to thermal and electrical conditions, LEDs

must be carefully integrated into lighting fixtures. Few lighting fixture manufacturers are equipped to do this well today.

3. Important differences in LED technology compared to other light

sources have created a gap in the industry standards and test procedures

that underpin all product comparisons and ratings. New standards, test procedures, and ENERGY STAR criteria are coming soon. In the

meantime, product comparison is a fairly laborious, one-at-a-time task.

Are LEDs energy-efficient?

The best white LED products can meet or exceed the efficiency of compact

fluorescent lamps (CFLs). However, many white LEDs currently available in

consumer products are only marginally more efficient than incandescent lamps.

The best warm white LEDs available today can produce about 45-50 lumens per watt (lm/W). In comparison, incandescent lamps typically produce 12-15 lm/W; CFLs produce at least 50 lm/W. Performance of white LEDs continues to improve rapidly.

However, LED device efficacy doesnt tell the whole story. Good LED system and

luminaire design is imperative to energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. For example, a new LED recessed downlight combines multicolored high efficiency LEDs, excellent thermal management, and sophisticated optical design to produce more than 700 lumens using only 12 watts, for a luminaire efficacy of 60 lm/W. Conversely, poorly-designed luminaires using even the best LEDs may be no more efficient than incandescent lighting.


I saw a site that sells bulbs to replace traditional bulb but they are $50 a piece!!!


Has anyone tried these for general lighting/task lighting and it worked? What type of replacement bulb did you buy?

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At the moment, LED's really don't work for general lighting, but in a focused task light they can work fine. The light quality is pretty different, so if you can check out what they look like in a lighting store you'll get a better idea if it's good for your particular task.

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LED is still not as good as CFL for general lighting. However, it has a few obvious advantages like being durable which is great for flashlights, automotive etc. For Lumens/watt they've got a way to go yet. LED is generally very dim.
LVD may be a lightbulb of the future.

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Sorry to disagree. But LEDs are fantastic for general lighting.
The quality of the light looks just as good as a normal bulb.
And the Cree LRP-38 Par 38 bulb has light just as good as a halogen. We've actually replaced halogen PAR bulbs in a retail store with the LRP 38. She's saving over 3000 watts of power with absolutely no sacrifice in light quality.

Different LEDs have different qualities though. I don't know how good the Excel ones are. And if it's just a screw in bulb, I would question how good it is. The Cree bulb is the one exception I've seen, but it's also very pricey.

But for recessed light applications, we've been extremely successful using LED light sources. They are brighter, more flexible, have better color rendering and sometimes even less expensive than equivalent fluorescent bulbs.

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Thank you for your responses.

I was thinking of just buying one bulb for a lamp that is used often, the most in my house. If it doesn't work so well I can probably find another place for it, maybe the outside entry light that is really high up and difficult to get to even with a tall ladder and burns out at the worst time, usually when -30 in the dead of winter.

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Hard to reach spots are perfect for LED bulbs, provided they provide the level and quality of light you need and are of top quality... they last nearly forever.

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Any kind of light would be fine on that outside light, it a hanging light on a chain/pole and light bulb faces straight down about 2' in front of front door, kind of a vaulted breezeway. As long as I don't have to get up there every year or so I'd be happy with a dull glow.

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Does anyone know where to buy a 40 or 60 watt LED for a desk lamp?

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