Rewiring a ceiling fan to take medium base bulbs

jockewingSeptember 27, 2010

It is so frustrating trying to find ceiling fans with sufficient lighting! I have a fan that I just love the style of, but it only takes 2 60 watt candelabra base bulbs. Is it possible that I could just change out the porcelain sockets from the candelabra size to the medium size bases of the same wattage? It seems like even at the same wattage, you can find regular sized light bulbs that put out much more light than a candelabra base.

I assume I would just have to buy the medium size bases, cut the wires and rewire the bases. My biggest challenge would be making sure the larger sized bulbs would fit inside the fan's glass shade.

I found a blog where someone successfully did this, wanted to know your thoughts.

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If you can find a way to mount the larger sockets, and if they physically fit into the housing, maybe. However, you will probably void any warranty the fan has. You'll void its UL listing, too, as is the case with any substantial modification.

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"You'll void its UL listing, too, as is the case with any substantial modification."

And this is an issue why?

Use UL rated parts for the new sockets.

You will not get significantly more actual light from a medium base 60 W bulb than from a candelabra based 60 W bulb though.

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