LED A19 bulb in flush mount ceiling light

ginny20September 6, 2011

I got a new small flush mount light for the entry near my kitchen. I'd like to use LED bulbs in it. I found one at Home Depot - ecosmart A19 with 950 lumens - supposedly equivalent to a 60 watt. That is plenty for the space. But it is not shaped like an incandescent bulb, and the edge of the bulb actually touches the inside of the globe. I'm heading to Lowes today, and maybe the electric supply place, to see if they have anything else. Since these don't really get hot,does it matter if they hit the glass globe? I was also hoping to use these in the pendants over the sink. Is there some other kind of bulb I should be looking for?


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If you can wait until Dec 2011, philip's L prize winner will be available. I would not recommend spending too much on a19 led bulbs at this point in time, given the talk of more efficient bulbs and a significantly lower price point of $10 to $20 by the year's end.

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Oh, davidtay, that is wonderful information! Thank you so much. I can live with incandescent for a few months.

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