DIY instructions for dryer vent modifications

prinesurfNovember 3, 2012

Hi there

We are DIY's but would like some advice for a dryer vent. I have read this in other posts, but I'd feel better if others would comment directly on my case.

I'm wanting to reroute the venting of a dryer due to its current long length and inefficient drying of my clothes. (please assume my modern dryer has specs of no more than 40 feet of venting)

The current set up: Dryer on second floor. Vents into recessed dryer box (like The Dryerbox) into a 4" vent in the wall. once in the UNHEATED attic, it continues in a all-in-one flexible insulated vent pipe (I don't know the diameter just yet) it slopes up 45 degrees to the roof.

The length of the wall run is about 9 feet, the attic run is about 30 feet!

The change: I'd like to keep the in wall run. After it enters attic I was going to put a 90 degree turn then run it straight out to side of the house about 10 feet.

Challenge: installing the exterior portion of the dryer vent, since it is 25+ feet up from ground.


1. Should turn at the attic be less than 90?

2. Can I just cut the existing long vent run and use that existing venting and reroute it.

3. What would you recommend as the IDEAL diameter and material for an attic vent run?

4. what type of sloping do I need (I've read 2 suggestions sloping up away from dryer and sloping down towards dryer)

5. Can I use a standard dryer cap, would one of those "Heartland Energy Saving Vent Closures" make any difference into the unheated attic.


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oops I made a few errors, I just visually inspected my hard to access attic.

the current set up is a 5" rigid vent pipe that runs flush with the attic floor then bends 90 to vent out the roof. (the vent is buried under 5" of cellulose insulation
the entire run from the dryer to the roof is about 30 feet.

I'm thinking that I will buy and install a new pipe to ease the mess up there. So I'd still like advice on the most efficient size/material vent pipe to install to make a shorter run.

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