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mcconlocSeptember 2, 2009

We are nearing the start of a kitchen remodel, and we have some different challenges in our lighting layout. We're on a slab and have the burden of dealing with a large HVAC soffit above several of our cabinet runs. It's 12" high from the ceiling and extends about 19" out from the front of the upper cabinet faces. I tried to represent it with the shaded box in the drawing.

My concern is that the recessed lighting (green circles) will leave the upper cabinets in the dark as they are shaded by the soffits. Could we install some small accent lights in the soffits to illuminate the cabinets? (represented by yellow triangles) Because of the ducts inside, any cans would have to be at least 13" away from the cabinet face, but there is clearance at that point. Would some low voltage MR11 or MR16 2" or 3" gimballed fixtures work? My other concern is having lamps that give off significant heat right there, as we'll be standing under the soffit while working in the kitchen. Perhaps there is a LED solution? We don't need much light - just enough to highlight the cabinets.

I hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would use a mr11 downlight, like a Seagull 9426-15, with a 10 watt or 20 watt MR11.
Don't use a puck-like fixture with incandescent or LED light source as there is no glare control in these fixtuires and they would be visually distracting .

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Thanks for the response. Is there a specific trim that would be good to direct light onto the cabinets, given that we have to mount these at least 12" away? I would hope to get some light as high up on the cabinets as possible as well.

Thanks again

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I would use a model 9424-15, which is the eyeball version.
But if you can access a 20MR16 lamp with a frosted lens, the frosted coating will diffuse the light higher up into the cabinets.
The problem with the eyeball fixture is that you will get an intense concentration of light onto the cabinet facings, which may be distracting to the eye.

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