Solatube owners...which lens to get?

hondagirlSeptember 2, 2009

I plan on purchasing a solatube shortly but I'm not sure which lens to get. There are 4 choices. I have seen the standard lens but I find that the light emitted is very bright. There are 3 other choices and my sales rep is not very helpful in explaining the difference. I would like the light to be as close as possible to natural sunlight.

Which lens would be the closest to sunlight..... the warm, softening or warm softening lens?

If you have a solatube, which lens did you get? Are you happy with the light quality?

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I don't have a Solatube, but just in case no one comes up with real world advice, here's my input.

The warm lenses are tinted. The softening lenses are diffuse. So the difference between the standard and the softening would be like the difference between a clear light bulb and a frosted light bulb.

Since you don't want the color of the light to be altered, I would go with the softening lens. It's not going to make it any less 'bright', but it will have less glare. If you want less light and not alter the color, you would have to have *less* light. Solatube has their Daylight Dimmer which is an internal butterfly to control the amount of light.

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Thanks, bignick for your info. It is helpful.

Anyone else who owns a solatube, I'd like to hear what you have to say.

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