Haiku or Minka Artemis ceiling fan

ZophieSeptember 27, 2013

Has anyone installed a Haiku ceiling fan? I am looking for a lighted ceiling fan for my 8' heigh master bedroom. I like that it's 9.8" drop from the ceiling, what I don't like is the price $1,095 for a white composite, $1,265 for bamboo, including wall light switch and LED lights (which I think are cool). There seems to be only one company that sells them, Big Ass Fans, I'm not kidding about the name, hence the ridiculously high price. And what's with the lack of reviews for this product. The photos on Houzz seem to all be supplied by Haiku and not decorators which makes me suspicious.

I also like the Minka Artemis Fan, which at $550 is half the price or less of the Haiku, and 12" deep, halogen lighted. I initially thought this was expensive but now think it's a bargain compared to the Haiku.

What do you think?

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We have the Minka Artemis in our master bedroom. Love It!

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Yes, I've seen the Haiku online as well. It does look cool, but I'd be hard pressed to see the value in it. There are plenty of direct drive motor fans (efficient and well made) from good brands such as Minka, Casablanca, and Fanimation that offer LED lighting options as well. Some of the sites even offer "configure you fan" that allows you to build fan with the colors/blades/lights you specify so you can see it before you buy.

I'd also be concerned with the 9.5" drop on an 8' ceiling unless everyone is under 6' tall. I just installed a casablanca in my MBR with only a 3-4" rod, and I wouldn't want it any lower. (i'm 6'1").

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Does anyone have a review of the Haiku fan? Haiku has really done a great job of having no reviews except sponsored ones.

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Hey guys, bought a house, it has terrible crappy ceiling fans and they're getting replaced. Have lusted after Haiku fans since they came out, but @$%^ they are expensive!!

Any further f/u or discussion. The efficiency will never pay for itself, but I'm really just looking for a very modern looking QUIET (I freaking ----HATE---- noisy clanky wobbly ceiling fans), quality made fan...

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I have a Haiku and it is silent, modern looking and does not wobble. We bought it with Sense Me instead of a wall switch and I think that was a good choice since it does a great job of turning on and running automatically. We bought it in late fall so it really hasn't run much. The few times it did it worked perfectly though.

If it matters, as far as I can tell they're the only fans that are made in the US any more.

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We had The Minka Artemis installed about 3 years ago. Not only does it look good, it also does a great job moving the air. Ours makes no noise at all and it does not wobble even on the highest speed. We usually don't put it on high though because it is too much air movement for us. We opted not to install the light that came with it. Here's how it looks in my space.

I also have the Minka Wave fan in my bedroom. It is a bit smaller and less expensive. It is also noise free and moves the air well without wobbling.

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