cubicle and plants

tlepardSeptember 5, 2009


I work in a cubicle... there are fluorescent lights on the ceiling. I also have a 4 foot fluorescent light under the overhead cabinet (F32T8). The color or brightness or something hurts my eyes and gives me headaches. I'm looking to switch to a light bulb that will be better for me and that would help me grow some plants (it's rather dull and depressing in there!).

Thank you for any suggestions as to what type of light I should get to replace this cabinet light.

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I have heard about fluorescent lights bothering people, I think some of the bulbs/fixtures flicker, but not so much that you can see it. Maybe get your own lamp and use a regular bulb, I have some that are supposed to have natural light spectrum, also some of the newer flour. replacent bulbs are better.

Regarding the plants, most lower light requirement house plants so very well in regular fluorescent lighting with little or no natural light. Try a small peace lily, they are very common and easy to care for.

Here is a link that might be useful: peace lily

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You can get a 'grow bulb' for your fluorescent fixtures---should make both you and your plants happy.

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If the ballast in your cube is lousy, I don't think just replacing the bulb will help. You can change the color temperature, but not the flickering. Your best best is probably getting a desk lamp and using it instead of the fixture.

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