Dimmers and combination devices

alabamanicoleSeptember 24, 2009

I've been looking, thusfar without success, for dimmer switches where there are 2 (or even 3) in a single switch box. I have found regular on/off switches in 2x and 3x combinations, and fan/light controls, but none with multiple dimmers.

Does anyone know if these are even made? I don't need to put a lot of load on the dimmer, maybe 200 watts max.

Or is the mechanism just too big and/or too hot for such an arrangement?

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Lutron Skylark SL2 is two 300 watt rated dimmers in a single 1 gang device. I've never seen a three in one.

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Thanks! I didn't see that one in their catalog. They're pricey, but they will certainly help reduce the light switch clutter on the wall.

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Lutron has them in Maestro style now with the same 300 watt per dimmer limit.


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