LG 4801 CW Washer

bookertNovember 28, 2011

Ok, so.... after days and days of deliberation etc.. bit the bullet and bought a new washer.

No internal heater as it was $150 more for that model.

Have no 220v so a used Miele was not an option.

I currently own a first gen GE Harmony and have grown to love it!

This 4801 model by LG looks to be virtually the same unit.

In an ideal situation the heated model would have been a smarter choice, but economics rule and I'm just happy to be getting a new washer.

I was paying over $125 for a yearly warranty contract and didn't want to continue doing that.

Cost at Home Depot was $499.

I wasn't able to find a used Harmony on CL for much less, so for ME it was the best choice.

Will update my post in a few weeks when the unit is delivered.

If anyone knows which cycles use the MOST water besides the obvious bulky cycle, please share. Thanks!

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As long as you are fine with 70-95 degree wash then it should work great.
I am not certain but I doubt that it will actually have a "hot" water wash since it is "energy star compliant".

We got the LG WT5101H with the heater because we got a really good price on it.
But really 90% of our wash is really in cold or warm water anyway.
About all we hot wash is whites which is the usual socks and underwear, wash cloths, dish towels etc.
Most everything else is cold wash with the occasional warm/warm cycle if something has a stain.
I doubt we will use the "Sanitary cycle" more than about once or twice a year.

I think bulky/bedding is probably about it on that one.

If it works as well as ours you should be more than happy with it.

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The instructions for this machine say if you choose 'bulky' you should only put in a small amount of blankets or whatever at a time and, you shouldn't include smaller laundry items because this could ruin the smaller items or machine. I think if you had a machine problem caused by mixed loads on bulky just to get adequate water, they probably wouldn't honor the warranty.

If you're the type who thinks you need adequate water, not excessive, adequate, to clean laundry, you might consider a standard top load with an agitator that allows you to choose the water level.

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As I mentioned I currently have a GE Harmony HE TL and have learned to choose cycles that give me more than adequate water levels.
Having said this, I know the new unit is a Tier 111 unit and may not use as much water.

That is why I asked if anyone having this model can tell me which cycles provide more water per cycle other than the obvious Bulky cycle.
I don't ever use that cycle for normal wash loads, just blankets etc...

My water heater is set above the normal range and on the outside wall of the laundry room. Never had a problem with incoming water needing a boost when using warm or hot. In fact, funny as it may sound, the water is quite steamy using warm at times!
No issues with shrinkage when washing today's delicates either! =)
For those who have Miele's, I will say I beyond love my Miele dishwasher! =) I truly hope it lasts and lasts. I'm good to it and feed it the proper diet! ha!

Thanks for everyone's help.
Blessings to all.

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@ bookert

It really is irrelevant at what temperature your water heater is set. The government water temp police have all but made real hot water a thing of the past. If you really want to do an occasional true hot wash, get a machine with a heater and a sanitary cycle.

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Count me among those that doesn't have and didn't want an on board heater. For the occasional hot water wash I would ever do it just didn't seem like it was necessary. I think you will be fine - a little experimenting with oxygen bleach and even my whites aren't dingy.

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I have an LG FL washer (so it's probably not a fair comparison) but it seems to have a higher water level in Permanent Press than in other cycles.

Please report back on water temps in the new washer when you have a chance to use it a few times. This is always a big topic for discussion on this board and it's interesting to see what various manufacturers deem acceptable for Hot or Warm.

I had really poor washing results and some mold issues with a washer equipped with ATC but no water heater, so I switched to an LG FL washer with a heater a year ago. I have been very happy with it - laundry is clean and fresh smelling and not a trace of mold anywhere. I use Hot and Sanitary cycles on a regular basis (primarily for bed sheets and towels).

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Since I've never had the ability to do a "true" hot wash, I can say for my needs I don't know any better and am happy with the unit I already purchased.

I've never experienced dingy clothes. I wash in warm or hot water cycles for 99.9% of the time with great results.
I do use mexican detergents when washing whites mixed with STTP or Oxyclean. Thank you for your support! =)

Yes, I believe I've read on a post in the past that the Perma press cycle uses more water so as not to set wrinkles in the fabric.
Delivery is set for next weekend. Will put it to the test and share my thoughts for sure!
I'm just a bit concerned about the LG brand, but things can and do happen to the top of the line down to the bottom of the row brands and units.

Great weekend to all!
Happy washing!

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You have the baby version of my washer, no pun intented. Your normal/cotton cycle is what the government basis its energy and water usuage rating from. after reading your owners manual, you might want to try the perm press cycle if you want more water, bulky cycle is an option too and I have used it on my washer to wash clothes in. The machine will add more water to the same load of clothes in this cycle vs the same load run on cottons. You do not have the option on your machine for water plus like I do. I hope this helps

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Thank you for your input.
Question, does the lid lock? I love being able to "trick" my machine into adding more water when I interrupt the cycle. Do you know how I can achieve this in the 4801?

I'm prone to run a lesser load to help the clothing not prematurely age. Today's fabrics don't seem to take much abuse! =) I'm not talking all clothing BTW.

How do I find out the water usage for each cycle?

I'm so going to miss my Harmony! Crazy huh!
Oh well life goes on.....

Thanks much!

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Experiementing with the washer will be your best teacher for water usage. Yes the lid locks too, and if can trick it by starting a cycle, pause or turn off the washer and restart it on a cycle to trick it. This washer is much like your harmony, it is based on it after all, since LG made the harmony to begin with

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Well first off, I must say I didn't allow myself to get too excited. You see, I really really loved my Harmony! Too weird huh?
Unit was installed and I immediately ran a clean tub cycle. The new smell was overwhelming for my likes.

Ran a first load of white t's on perma press cycle. Pressed pause to see what it would do after the fill. Wow! Proceeded to fill up to about 1/3 way up! More water than the Harmony used! YES! =) Spun out clothes at a slower speed as well, was set at high. Stains came out that I had pre spotted. Warm wash was selected. Impressed!

Note, water remained in the detergent drawer, opened it and it drained into wash tub.

Only negatives, no drain and spin cycle and no hand wash cycle. I will learn to over come these....

Oh, a bit quieter too, but it's new and my Harmony was about 8 yrs. old.

Happy so far!

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Bookert, sounds like your off to a good start. Im glad you like your machine so far.

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Oh man!
The LG is getting louder! When it agitates during the wash cycle it has a creaky metal sound. Is this normal???
My previous GE Harmony was much quieter.
Beings this is the bottom line unit,is it that much different build wise to the Waveforce??
Do I have an option to return to HD within a certain time and for what reasons?
The water extraction sounds are super loud as well. Spin noise is on par, no issues.
I'm sad......=(

What options do I have since I am not on concrete slab. One floor. Thanks!!!! I need advise, be easy this road is a bummer!

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bookert, LG machines typically have Drain & Spin, even if you don't have a separate button for it. Check your manual but typically turning the machine on, pressing the Spin Speed button (do not select a cycle, just press Spin Speed) and then pressing Start button will activate it.

Maybe your Delicate cycle can be used for hand washing?

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Thanks, but now I'm contemplating returning this unit.
It is so very loud, incoming water, agitation and extraction modes are the worst....

To all,
Any FL out there for those of us without concrete foundation?? Maybe there are new models that cater to wood foundation flooring?


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My LG FL is doing fine on a wooden subfloor (with tile on a backerboard installed in the space where the machine is located). Most FLs will do fine on that. Is that what you have or do you actually have wood or laminate over wood subfloor? If you have wood or laminate you would need to replace it with well installed tile in a small area.

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Unfortunately, no time to install tile. =(
Wood subfloor, good ol cheap linoleum on top! =)

Went to both Lowes and HD today. Samsung FL was recommended at Lowes, and HD said LG. Neither knew anything about specs, just what they are programmed to say. I should have known. Oh well. Have to take my unit back to store.
Not going to keep a machine with issues from the start. I had really hoped for a great result.

Thanks to all....

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We returned our LG4801 in exchange for a Fisher Paykel standard top load. It is super quiet on all cycles, and has "spin only" selection, and you can pick your own water level or let the auto do it for you. Not sure if it is appropriate for your floor.

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Can I ask why you exchanged yours??
HD doesn't carry FP's. In fact I haven't seen them anywhere..
Do they have a model without the agitator? Cost?
Thanks for your help.

It's funny, the unit I have either uses WAY too little water or WAY too much. Same cycle... hmmmm... water is really off in degrees too! Shee manee! =)

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They have two or three models without an agitator. These models are somewhat similar to the current Cabrio Platinum and Bravos XL washers, as they are based on the same platform. Some of the F&P AquaSmart models (at least the TOL unit) offer to choose between a HE wash or a deep-fill wash on the same cycle, which is nice. I also think they use (allow) higher temps than most other HE top loaders.

Just go to their web site and read some of the very informative manuals.


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Bookert, i had a Kenmore Elite TL, LG made it, same as the wave force with the internal heater. Mine was silent and a few days later i started to hear a loud, creaking metal sound too, it really bugged me as the washer cost 1600 dollars and i really didnt think it was supposed to make that noise with that price tag. I had sears come out and check, they took it apart and said it was normal, that all the (hangers) that the suspension hung on had enough lube, and were all moving fine, it was just a noise i had to get use to i was told. Sears put the machine back together and the first load i did the tub fell and broke one of the (plastic hangers) that the suspension hangs on, it dented the tub cabinet and also had water everywhere. I returned it with the quickness and got an Electrolux Wave touch FL.

The noise was way annoying, even though the washer was in the garage, it still didnt sound right when i heard it, i hated it after i started hearing that. It just sounded like something was being stressed and ready to break! Just My opinion though!

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I had the displeasure of owning an LG FL set for a few months. The dryer had a rattle that I simply couldn't make go away. The washer would creak/squeak with each counter clockwise rotation. The squeak drove my dogs crazy.

LG wouldn't even come out to look at them. Claiming that if the machine completes the wash/dry cycle without an error code, they would not make the trip. How's that for customer support.

I sold the set on craigslist for about half what I paid for them and I couldn't have been happier to see them drive off on the back of that truck.


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Bookert, the LG did not add enough water to clean laundry. We did 4 loads, 4 because I washed 1 load twice since the laundry didn't get clean the first time. We watched it slosh the laundry around in a puddle of water. That and no "spin only" cycle was more than enough reason for us to return it.

Like Whirlpool_trainee said, FP does have a HE model. I will never get a HE washer again after the experience with the LG. The FP manual says the agitator model we have uses a "hybrid" technology, combining the best of top load features with the best of front load. It cleans amazingly well. It has a selection of spin speeds. The second to the fastest works well enough -- the 1000 rpm (I think) vibrates a bit too much for my liking on the uneven old house basement floor even after we adjusted the legs for stability as well as we could. This washer has cut time in the dryer in half.

The price is comparable to LG4801. We were lucky and got a dented FP marked down, which helped recover the re-stocking fee for the HG.

Maybe you could return the LG for cash?

Good luck.

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To all,
Returned unit, a little hassle, but am so glad it's over!
Definitely off. I had selected warm wash on a load and the water was cold! NOT happy!

Waiting till after Christmas to move forward and either fix my Harmony or find a "used" nice machine! NO new ones for me, I've had it!
Miele would be so nice, but again no 220v! Dang! =)

Merry Christmas all!

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