Miele W/D please help selecting

NiaNiaNovember 20, 2012

A few weeks backs I had posted looking for information on the Miele Heat pump dryer and had very helpful answers. This weekend when we finally got around to the Miele gallery to buy the W/D we were introduced to the Little Giants. The salesperson was pushing the product and even offered a discount and says that this product is being launched into the Gulf market. From this thread it seems it has already been launched in the US a while back. I would be very grateful for any feedback on these machines regarding energy consumption, as we were told that these machines (Little giants) are not rated for energy consumption as they are commercial models.

We are considering this set against the Miele washer 5964 8kg and 8966 heatpump dryer. I'm not after the heat pump, I'm after the 8kg capacity without the heat pump which Miele does not sell in Dubai.

The 8 kgs washer has more options compared to the 7 kgs washer including steam freshening, so I was also wondering if it was worth going after the 8kgs set for the extra space and extra options as against the 7kgs washer dryer combo.

Also, the Little giant set is 6.5 kgs, slightly smaller than the 7kgs one. So then there are 3 sets we are looking at, the 6.5 Professional, the 7kgs set, and the 8kgs heat pump dryer and matching washer. The 7 kgs is the cheapest at 3500 USD, the Little G with 5% discount and heat pump set are both 5500 USD.

Will be very grateful for any input.

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8 kilo is the rated capacity for the residential models. Doesn't mean one should force eight kilos in there, though. I mean, yeah, you can put that much laundry in these washers but it'll take 2:59 hrs. for a wash to complete. That is because Miele, like all European manufacturers, overstate the capacity of their laundry machines to remain competitive on the market that wants washers and dryers with higher load capacities.

In the REAL WORLD, I think, both your washer choices have the same size drum in them. The Little Giant dryer has a roughly 20% larger drum than the residential models.


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