Please Review My Kitchen Lighting Plan

housefulSeptember 9, 2010


Here is the lighting plan for my kitchen. Most of the wire has been run, but since we are still in the framing stage, we can change things.

My main concern is the island, cooktop, trey ceiling area. We are putting 4" cans on the corner of the islands so they will be sure not to interfere with the ceiling fan blades. The ceiling fan will have a light with a closed globe. Do you think they will look odd? Will there be enough light? Will they glare too much off the counter?

Also, should there be more cans behind those seated at the island? I thought more lights would cast a shadow in front of those seated, but I am not sure.

There are sconces by the buffet, a pendant over the sink, and undercabinet lighting all around. The 5 cooktop cans are wired completely separate from the rest of the kitchen, as is the left side from the right side.

All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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The 4" cans may not be necessary, unless you plan on using them separately from the 6" cans eg- no 6" cans on, only the 4" & fan light.

I would try to place the 6" cans in some fairly regular pattern.

Glare is typically caused by reflections. If the light source is sufficiently diffuse, you should be fine.

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How shiny are the surfaces, esp. the cooktop area and the island top and the floor?

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They won't be too shiny. I think black granite is the most reflective and we will have something more neutral. The cooktop will be a black smooth top and the cabinets are a darker wood. Floor is lighter wood.

The 4" cans have their own switch as does the ceiling fan and light. After more measuring, I think I can just make the 4 into 6 and still be well outside the fan blades.

I wondered about the pattern irregularity. I have looked at lots of magazines and rarely see the lights in a regular pattern. I have until tomorrow to decide.


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Typically the regular pattern is thwarted by framing, other obatructions like duct work or plumbing and / or local spot needs such as a light over the sink

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