Which LG washer WM3360 front loader or LG WT5101 top loader..

twrayNovember 22, 2011

Need some imput on 2 LG washers that I am considering, LG WM3360 front loader or the LG WT5101 top loader.

Thanks in advance.

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LG WT5101 by far

Cleans just as well, far less likely to have problems.

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"Cleans just as well, far less likely to have problems."

Nunyabiz1, can you tell the OP how you know it cleans just as well? You've never owned a FL machine before.

@twray, I have no personal experience with LG - although the LG WM3885 was my runner up choice when I purchased earlier this year (and I researched for approx 9 months). I went with the Miele W4842/T9822.

My parents own the LG2140 and love them.

I think between the two you are considering they "might" perform similar. FWIW, the 3360 didn't rank very high on CR for performance. Not all machines are created equal. Having said that it seemed to have good reviews.

I started using FL machines almost 11 years ago and would never go back to any TL format.

I have a preference for FL machines. For the most part they clean and rinse better than other options. They are also more gentle on your clothes (CR ranks the 5101 as "fair" for gentleness). I personally would never consider an HE TL.

One only needs to consider "how" the laundry is moved through the drum to understand how it might be less gentle on items than FL.

However, your personal preference for doing laundry should be your deciding factor here. They are two very different units. Do you have a preference for how you do laundry?

Not sure if you're married to the 3360. I might consider other LG FL over that one. I'm a fan of the WM3885 although I know it costs more than the one you are considering. The WM3875 is also excellent and less $$ than the 3885.

Good luck and let us know what you end up with and how you like it!

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I got the 3360s about 2 weeks ago. So far, I really like them. I had wanted Elux but they were too big for my space.

The short cycle is really short, the allergiene seems great, I have no complaints - clothes are coming out clean and the dryer (steam) is also working as expected.

I'm crossing my fingers a bit but the consumer reviews were good and I've always been tempted by LG so we shall see...

Good luck!

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