can lighting position question

rjkidwilerSeptember 12, 2013

Hi - we had the electrical and lighting installed before our cabinetry - now that the cabinets are in, we realize that one of the lights will need to be moved because it will be in the way of the trim at the top of the cabinets. They were originally set up with three lights evenly spaced on one side of the kitchen and two on the other side spaced in between the three - I am attaching a pic so you can see.

Now that we have to move one, the spacing will be off. We are thinking we can (1) leave it where it is but move it 'out' on the ceiling a little, or (2) move it 'out' on the ceiling but also move it a little further toward the doorway and centered on the cabinets where the fridge will be.

We are wondering if one option is better than the other from a function perspective. We are also concerned about the overall 'look and feel' so if you have any thoughts on that they would be appreciated!

Thanks for any advice/thoughts.

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I also posted a second pic at a different angle in a second post....

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