Can Par20 Bulbs Be Used in R30 Fixtures?

GooseySeptember 15, 2012

Hi. New to the forums. I am looking to pick up some Solux bulbs and I was wondering if Par20 bulbs can be used in R30 fixtures. I have these ceiling fixtures that take R30 bulbs and I'm hoping to just plug some Par20s or if that doesn't work Par30s in. Thanks for your help.

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The smaller PAR20 should fit.
You may have to adjust the socket depth in te can.

Usually a thumb screw or sheet metal screw (or two) on the inside of the can.
Loosen the fastener(s) then the the mounting plate holding the socket slide up and down frr depth adjustment.

Make sure the power is off.

The bulb will get to hot to touch, and if no bulb is instated the center stud of the socket would be live with power on.

There should be a sticker on the inside of the housing with allowed wattage.
Do not go over the maximum on the sticker.

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The number is the nominal diameter of the bulb in eights of an inch.

20/8 or 30/8 inches

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