Affordable alternative to LEDpro/photonier?

tortybeansSeptember 15, 2010

Hi everyone. I was ready to buy my undercabinet lights today from LEDpro Lighting on Ebay, but there are now no products available in the online store. First of all, does anyone have any information there? The two emails I've sent asking about pricing have not been answered.

Assuming that I can't get the lights from LEDpro, what are the affordable alternatives? Environmentalights is next on my list, but that means my lights will cost at least 50% more than I was expecting. Does anyone have another reputable source that has prices closer to LEDpro's?

Thanks for your help!

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Another LED option for under cabinet lighting that you may want to explore are LED strip lights with adhesive backings.Although I've never used these in my home, I have seen them in person and they are pretty neat. I know that has LED strip packages available beginning at $189.95 ( I'm not sure based on your message what look you are going for and how much room you have, but LED strip lights are another lighting option worth considering. It looks like based on the picture of the fixture you are talking about that there is a plastic diffuser built in which will soften and disperse the light a bit. The LED strips obviously don't have that so I guess it comes down how you want that space to be lit.


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If you must have the exact same light bar

Alternatively, there are other types - such as flexible led strips (on ebay).

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I found this one. They are not identical to LEDpro: using 12V instead of 24 V, there are 2 kinds of LED bars with different wattage,not sure what else is different.
Either one seems to be cheaper than the LEDpro Lighting.

Not sure how are the bars are going to be connected, need to do more research on this product.;hash=item3caa800a48

Here is a link that might be useful: LED bar on Ebay

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Thanks everyone. I was in a time crunch so I went with superbrightleds (ordered this afternoon). If anyone is interested, I finally got a response from photonier today, so apparently he is still in business.

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It seems that the lights are connected using 2 wires that have to be soldered/ crimped.

The photonier/ environmentallights/ superbrightleds/... lights are polarity neutral - you can swap polarity without busting the light.

tortybeans, thanks for the info

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There is another source for those light bars from Atlantic Light : mail to

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