Where to put recessed light over shower/tub

traciemarieSeptember 22, 2010

We were going to put a recessed light over our shower/tub combo. Initially, we told the electrician to put it dead center, but there's a stud or something in the way. We have a couple of options:

1. Keep it centered between the curtain and the wall, but move it 1 FOOT away from center towards the non-faucet end of the tub. (Seems like this might be far away from where we would be standing to shower, but it is a rather small tub)

2. Keep it centered between the shower head and the far wall, but move it 1 INCH towards the curtain.

3. Put it somewhere else entirely.

I've never had a light over my shower/tub before, so your help as to what would be most functional and look best would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I would opt for the 1" towards the curtain option just based off what you've said here.

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