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tinam61January 24, 2012

I bought some yesterday and am planning on painting a small dresser and 6 dining room chairs. We have an Annie Sloan dealer here and I was able to look at several painted pieces and see the difference with/without wax. I am using a light color and like the dark wax used on pieces with detail (carving, etc.). The girl told me I would first need to wax with the clear then the dark. The wax is $25 each. I know it will last a loooong time, but I'm wondering if any of you have any other (cheaper) wax suggestions. I wouldn't substitute the paint brand, but I'm willing to with the wax (unless someone tells me different).

They also had some great displays where they had created other colors. Pretty!!

Thanks for your help - tina

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Hi Tina!

I use chalk paint all of the time and have used several different waxes. My favorite is, unfortunately, Annie Sloan wax. The texture is just nice. But, gosh, it's expensive! I also like Fiddes and Sons wax, it is about $15.00 a can, it is slightly yellow however and depending on the color you are painting with, can change the color slightly.

Some people use the dark wax first to really darken the paint color, and then use clear over it. However, if you want the dark wax just in the accents, use clear first, then dark and it acts more like a glaze.

Hope that helps! Happy painting :)

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Thanks somany. Yes, that is what they told me - the clear first, then the dark. The Annie Sloan is $25 each and I need a waxing brush too - didn't price it. LOL I'd rather pay that though than not be happy with the results. Thanks for your input!

Oh, by the way, have you ever used or seen the gilding wax? Ohmigosh - the few pieces I've seen using that were just gorgeous! I'd love to use that on a picture/mirror frame. Something big and detailed.


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Tina, I have used Annie Sloan's paint, but not her wax. When I used her paint, I used the Briwax that I had on hand in both light brown and dark brown. It about 1/2 the price you mentioned, with shipping.

I bought mine years ago at a shop that sold English pine furniture. I don't know if the big box stores sell it, but you can find it online at eBay and Amazon. I have put the Amazon link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Briwax on Amazon

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Thanks My3Dogs! Briwax is available here - so if I decide to use it - I can easily get it. The price sounds good!


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Hi - you should always use the clear wax before you use the dark wax. Otherwise the dark wax will just penetrate the piece and it won't look good.

I've used Briwax and I've also used Liberon Wax - both are good. But Annie's is nice as well. There's Hannants too (I think that's what Annie S used before she had her own brand.). It's all beautiful - you will love using it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Studio of Decorative Arts

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In August,I started a small business painting and distressing vintage furniture. I exclusively use ASCP. I do not use an AS wax brush but use two old abused Purdy paint brushes- one for dark and one for clear wax.I recently began using Johnson paste wax ( about $5)- exclusively instead of the Annie Sloan clear wax and have been very pleased with the results. I even use it over the Old White ASCP. I have Briwax but it is just about as expensive as the AS clear wax. I learned about the Johnson's from my stockist. So now I use the Briwax on wood tops of pieces.
I have been selling my pieces every month at the tag sales so I think folks like my painting.
Have fun. let me know if I can help

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Thank you for posting a substitute for the Briwax! I cannot find it locally and didn't know what to use in place of it. I am new to painting furniture and I'm trying out different techniques. I wanted to try the ASCP, but it is so expensive! I found a recipe for making chalk paint but couldn't try it until I found a wax.
Cooperbailey, you said you use the Briwax on the furniture tops. Is it because Briwax is harder when it dries? Do you know if I can substitute Minwax for the Briwax?

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Has anyone ever tried Tung Oil over their painted furniture? I've only used it on pieces i've refinished and then re-stained, but never on paint. Would/does it hold up as well as a wax?

I would like to know more about the Briwax, also. Cooper, can we see pictures of some of the things you have done? ;o)

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I don't think tung oil would work well as it is meant to be absorbed. If you paint it I think you are sealing the wood. Could do wipe on poly. I used that on dining chairs and will never use any other poly again. Forces you to do multiple coats, but the finish is so much better.

However I've never used wax on furniture so don't know how it compares to wax.

What is the reason for using wax and not poly? Is it part of the finish to make it look worn? What if you don't want the rubbed off look? Should you stick to normal paint instead of ascp?

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What is the advantage of chalk paint other than not needing to sand and prime? I read that it does a rubbed finish better than latex but does it have a different overall appearance than regular paint if you are not planning to do the rubbed finish? What sheen is the AS paint?

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Cooperbailey and others - Do you have photos of chalkpainted & waxed pieces you can post? I have a couple of older pieces I want to paint and I am not understanding what the difference is between the look of chalk paint and regular acrylic from HD

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I've used ASCP, but did not use the wax. The dealer actually recommended I go to Walmart and buy wax there. I think it was Johnson, but not positive. It was $5 and in a yellow tin. It worked great and the dealer said that was the only wax she used for her projects. I don't know if you can get dark wax in that brand though.

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I have used AS chalk paint on several pieces. At first it was to see what the excitement was all about, and I bought only sample jars when they were much less expensive than they are now.

The sheen is VERY FLAT, and personally, I don't care for it without wax.

I have not bought the AS waxes, but I have Butcher's Wax in clear, and Briwax in both light brown and dark brown. All of them protect and (to me) enhance the appearance of the chalk paint.

This was a black and gold CL mirror that I did in blues and grays in AS chalk paint. I then used Briwax in dark brown to get into the carvings and add a bit of sheen to the mirror.



I experimented last year with a maple bureau that I bought from Craigslist. I put on patches of several colors (both chalk paint and regular latex in different brands). What I found was that the chalk paint stuck to the unsanded finish like glue. When I made my decision to go with a chalk paint color, I found that I could easily remove the latex paints by just running my fingernail over them. THAT is what I like about the chalk paints on furniture vs. the other types.

This is the bureau that I mentioned above, still in progress. I used AS Paris Gray, and I am decoupaging fabric to the drawer fronts. In order to preserve the color match between paint and fabric here, I will use the butcher's wax in clear when I finish this one.

I am replacing the knobs with chunky 'English style' knobs that I have painted in the AS Paris Gray.

And before I started it, in the seller's garage -

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Has anyone used chalk paint on walls? I like some of the decorator photos with the weathered looking walls which I'm sure are faux painting with 2 or 3 nearly identical colors but I'm wondering chalk paint might achieve that as well.

Of course the AS would be too expensive, but there are homemade recipes that I think would be an acceptable substitute since they wouldn't get the abuse a piece of furniture would get.

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Those are beautiful examples! I love a waxed patina which is another feature of using these paints that is appealing. Although maybe it's possible to wax over regular latex. It seems people usually poly over them. Thank you for the detailed description! Very beautiful pieces!

Wondering, My3dogs, what sheen of paint do you use on your walls and why?

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I use flat paint on all walls except the kitchen and the one bathroom that is painted. Two baths are papered. On the kitchen and painted bath, I used an eggshell. I use semi-gloss on my trim.

I use flat or matte because that is just the wall finish that I prefer, with no sheen. I have an old home with plaster walls that are in very good shape, but I don't like a shiny finish on walls. I usually use Ben Moore paints.

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Thank you, my3dogs! I love your house and wondered what you like.

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