Skin & Bones

dcarch7July 25, 2014

No! No! Not about Foo Fighters' album.

Today, Chicken thighs at $0.77 a lb, and boneless, skinless chicken thighs at $2.62 a lb,

How good a deal is it?

Time to find out.

Boned out three thighs:

142.9 oz to 71.2 oz
160.9 oz to 82.0 oz
154.4 oz to 80.4 oz

Works out to be almost exactly half.

Price difference is about 3.4 times.

With the regular thighs after boning, you get lots of bones for stock and skin to make crispy cracklins.

Good deal or not? It's up to you.


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dcarch, I want to know where the heck you got a 142.9 oz chicken thigh, my calculator tells me that's 8.9 pounds, it had to be a pterodactyl, not a chicken! (grin)

I never buy boneless or skinless chicken, I'm relatively comfortable with a knife and I can easily remove bones and skin myself when I am forced to purchase commercial birds and like you, I think having the bones for stock is just a double bonus, nothing gets wasted that way.


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Ha! Maybe those are from Texas chickens, LOL!

You can always count on computers to spell words for you and to move decimals for you.


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But then, when you don't actually want the rest of the chicken, have a freezer full of stock, won't be making cracklin's and don't have time to bother, getting the butcher to do the work is worth the labor cost. :) I ask my butcher to do more difficult stuff he doesn't get paid for all the time, so I don't mind paying a little for the boneless skinless (okay, they come that way from the packer, but it's the butcher whom I pay). They're my "convenience food". I schmere on a little sauce (whatever's in the fridge), sprinkle with a spice blend and an herb blend, and shove them in the combi-steam oven. Throw together a veg plate or salad while they're cooking and instant dinner. :)

Also good for entertaining when you're way short on time. Picking a couple of chickens for pie or salad takes me a long time. Poaching the equivalent amount of boneless/skinless and dicing is next best thing to no work.

Yep. My pal the butcher is kitchen staff. ;)

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wow))))))) nice

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Welcome to the Cooking Forum, Hannahfort!


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Oh yeah!!!! Use those bones and that skin. Makes wonderful broth ---- cook it for at least 6 hours though to get all the goodness out of it. People never seem to cook stock long enough IMHO.

With beef bones, I cook the stock for a full 36 hours---sometimes more if I lose track of time.

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Ryse, I'm with you on the cooking of the stock! I don't really need stock (as in have a lot), but my freezer has too many giblets, and I think it's getting to be time...but I just bought boneless anyway, inspired by DC's find. Not that I've ever seen that kind of price for the kind of chicken I buy (organic fed, free range).

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Chicken skin cracklins. Smoked and baked.

Better than bacon! and healthier too.

Can't stop eating the stuff.


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I love boneless/skinless thighs. And they're usually the bargain at my grocery store. For time saving, they're the bomb! They defrost instantly, cook quickly, and I can have dinner on the table in moments. So I use them loads when school is bearing down on the boy or work is exhausting. They're usually $4 for about 8 of them. I can use a knife and do, but not always. And my doc says to lay off the fat these days. Why oh why do I pay people to tell me I am overweight? ;) Our favorite is leg quarters baked with the skin on. Mmm Giblets are my treat when I am waiting for the chicken to finish baking. And the cats. She waits ever so patiently with me, good girl that she is.

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