Tell me about 4' can lights

housefulSeptember 6, 2010

Can you use 4" lighting for general light, or are they specifically for task lighting? What do you think looks better in front of cabinets and over counters - 6" or 4"?

Would a combination of 6 and 4 look bad in a kitchen?

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Yes, they can be used for general lighting. However, they tend to cost more - both the can and light.

I would not do a kitchen with a mix of 4" & 6" cans unless the 4" is specifically for a location such as a sink.

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Thank you, Davidtay.

They were having a clearance at Home Depot. The normally $20 trim kits were only $5, so I thought maybe I would use them over the sink, the prep counter. I would then use the 6" over the aisles.

It just seems to me that the small cans are harder on the eyes. The light seems more intense. Is that my imagination?

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There is less glare from the cree led lights as opposed to std recessed lights.

If you are considering led lighting, the lr4 + can is approx 180.

4" cans have less room for heat dissipation than 6" cans.

Unless there are specific style reasons, I would not pick 4".

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Initially there was a specific reason. Against most kitchen design protocol, I am putting a ceiling fan over my island. I live in Phoenix! The island will be almost 9 feet long, but we need to make sure the blades don't interfer with the lights. As much as I love disco, I have my limits ;>D So, we opted to put four 4" cans on each corner of the island lighted ceiling fan with a closed globe. Once I saw the sale at HD, I wondered if I should use them elsewhere. I think you have convinced me to stick with all 6".

I have worked with my electrician of several other rooms in the house and have been very happy with the lighting plans. The kitchen, however, is keeping me awake at night.

Should I post my lighting plan on this forum?

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You could consider alternatives. - surface mount lights/ pendants/ LED panels and/ or molding.

If you really want 4" cans, the number to put in will have to be more than 6" cans.

The easiest approach is to
1. Sum up the costs for 4"/ 6" cans (lights + cans + trim).
2. Count the costs for alternatives.
3. Consider the aesthetic look you want.

You can post the lighting plan.

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