Lighting Location help please!

cmcgalrd01September 10, 2009

Im having my kitchen remodeled and I have absolutely no idea where to put recessed lighting. I tried track lighting and it is just absolutely not enough light.

The area of the room that needs lighting is 6'4" x 10'8". It is a narrow long area with a wall on one side and cabinets on the other.

I must warn you I am NOT AN ARTIST! I tried to do this for the sake of getting help. They pantry is way off scale, really nothing is to scale, but I wanted to show the idea ive been able to come up with so far.

The blue are the pendant/teardrop lighting im going to do, the red is the recessed lighting.

Also, gow far off the pantry all do the lights need to be to not have reflection?

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Here is a better drawing after I took a bit of time but still is not to scale.

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I would add another one at the other entry. In a room that is this narrow, you really don't need the one in the center.
What is the worry about the reflection on the pantry? Are there glass doors? Other than those 2 changes, your plan looks fine. Use a good flood bulb and you will have enough light overlapping to illuminate the room. Bulb wattage depends on ceiling height, type of housings which you didn't include.

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I would get a fixture to temoraily hold the bulb that you are considering useing before installing the fixtures. You can take the temporary fixure around the room and find the best spot. I had can fixtures installed in my kitchen and later discovered that the crown molding made some really wierd shadows on the cabinets. That was working with a kitchen designer no less. I had to move them ofcourse I had to fix the sheetrock in the ceiling etc.

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I would place 2 glass ceiling fixtures spaced in the center of the kitchen. These would provide lots of ambient light, especially if your ceiling is white. Recessed lights are task lights and do not provide ambient except for what is reflected.

If you do not have upper cabinets, you can mount the recessed lights directly over the countertops and use a single ceiling mounted glass fixture in the center of the kitchen to provide ambient lighting.

Where you have placed recessed lights put them either behind or on top of the person working at the counter. If you are using MR16 or PAR bulbs, you will feel the heat from these lamps. Also you will probably experience strong shadows from the downward direction of the lights. Ceiling mounted lights will also be behind the person working at the counter, but you will get much more ambient reflected light from the ceiling, lessening the harsh shadows.

Good luck...

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