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mamashesheSeptember 5, 2012

Long story short, the only way I could get a bigger kitchen is to expand into my existing breakfast room with a vaulted ceiling. That room is currently lit by the ugly fixture you see here with 6 120v 60w candelabra bulbs (3480 lumens total). The fixture emits light in all directions. The lighting is adequate.

Planned lighting for this same area includes:

1) uplighting over the cabinet (I think it is the same led lighting as our undercab lights so 375 lumens).

2) undercab lighting 375x2 = 750 lumens

3) sconce on wall just out of frame to the right in the photo. Most we are looking at use a 60w halogen for about 830 lumens.

4) 2 20w 12v halogens in range hood over cooktop (320 lumens each).

5) 3 pendants over peninsula. I really like some monorail pendants that use 12v 35w xelogen bulbs (525 lumens each).

My husband thinks we need to use a larger midi pendant that takes 100w incandescent bulbs to make sure we have enough light. Asthetically speaking, I don't like the fixtures we would have to use or the pendants nearly as much, but I don't want this part of the kitchen to be dark. During the day, we get some sunlight from western exposure bay window.

If I just add up the lumens, it seems to be ample light, but some of the light is shooting straight down to the black countertop. I am hoping the uplight and wall sconce will bounce some light off of that vaulted ceiling to help the overall space appear brighter.

What do you think?

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Cove lighting would work very nicely. You will need high output strips to evenly illuminate the ceiling and have sufficient light reflected down. The lights would be placed on top of crown molding.

The eW PowerCore MX strips (500+ lumens per ft) would work well and they are dimmable too.

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