bosch nexxt dryer noise -drum howl

lucypwdNovember 24, 2008

My bosch dryer is making a new noise. It is intermittant and varies in how loud it becomes. As the drum rotates there is a corresponding "howl" or harmonic if you will, that can be very soft or increase in noise level to the point it can be heard all over the house. It doesn't happen with every load but with most. Usually the drum rotates a few times before the noise starts. If I open the dryer and push the drum a bit it will change the level of the sound but does not irradicate the noise completely. The service man is coming today and I am wondering if you have any suggestions that might assist me in dealing with resolving the problem. The dryer is under extended warrentee.

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Get a light and look inside the dryer, at the rear seal area, for something caught between the seal and the tumbler. Do the same on the front seal area, you might need to use a mirror to view the front seal area. brenton

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FWIW - the repairman came out, heard one howl and ordered a bearing assembly.

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