CA Title 24 - Do I need to comply?

idesign123September 11, 2010

I currently have fluorescent undercabinet lights, and I want to replace them with Xenon lights.

I was about to order the lights, but learned on this forum about the "Title 24" requirement that kitchens in California use half their Watts from high efficiency lights (e.g., fluorescent).

I'm not sure whether I need to comply with this rule or not. My house was built in 2002 (before Title 24 went into effect), but the change from fluorescent to xenon would happen this year.

Do I need to comply?

Or can I switch to Xenon?

* Note: I use fluorescent lighting heavily throughout my house, but for my undercabinet lighting I really want to use the Xenon if it's allowed by CA law.

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I can't answer the question, though I suspect that as a homeowner you could make the change and it's very unlikely that anyone would ever ding you on it. Even a home inspector for a buyer isn't likely to know the lights aren't original.

Others with real CA experience will know much more about this, however.

One caution - be aware of the considerable heat output from some xenon pucks. I've seen chocolate chips melt in the bag when stored in cabinets above xenon lamps.

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You can put in any lighting you want if you're not getting it inspected.

Something along the lines of "If no one knows, you can get away with it". The problem is making sure no one ever finds out.

That is a decision you need to make.

All remodels are subject to title 24.

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It is always best practice to pull a permit from your local city/county before performing any work.
It will create value to your home and also be safe from fires


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