Are can lights a MUST in a bathroom?

just_julieAugust 15, 2009

Our current room has can lights that are never used. They don't even have bulbs in them.

The new plan has quite a few lighting options but everyone keeps telling me that I have to have ceiling cans.

I've included a rough draft with explanation, please let me know what you think.

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You don't always need recesssed lighting in a room.
Your proposed layout is more than adequate.
If you are a "reader" while in the tub, you could consider a MR16 directional mounted to provide light from over your shoulder,but the centre fixture may provide enough light.

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Nobody ever mentioned can lights for our bathrooms. We will have 2 3-bulb vanity lights in our master (as well as a window). In our hall bath, we'll have the same lights, but no window; instead, there's a light tube. I can't believe how much light the tube provides! Our bathrooms are rectangular, the master is about 13' x 9'6" and the hall bath is 13' x about 5'6". I think that you'll have plenty of light, from what you've drawn.

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I would like some help with our 11x8 bathroom We will have an 8ft double vanity with double mirror and 3 sconces We would also like to do small (maybe 4 inch cans What size cans and bulbs what trim looks best best position etc any info would be greatly appreciated

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Can lights are not a must have in bathrooms. Depending on the humidity levels, size, number of cans and placement, they may not be suitable.

Wall sconces work just fine. In certain parts of the USA, the law requires compliance with energy efficiency laws (eg - title 24).

To meet those requirements, the lighting used will typically be CFL / fluorescent tube lighting with non edison lamp bases.

Typically, the area around the mirror will get the best illumination for obvious reasons. For a number of people, that will be the main focus/ need.

If you hate fluorescents in all shapes and forms, there is LED lighting.

For more designer type lighting, you could look at supplemental lighting such as
track, cove lighting, pendants, chandeliers, 4" cans...
There are more options with LED lighting - illuminated toe kicks, faucets, tiles, ...

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Can lights are one of the worst choices for general lighting that has ever been invented.

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