Help me paint my laundry room!

fst96seNovember 2, 2013

Hey all!

Given the room you see below, what color would you paint? I am planning a tile backsplash as well. Floors are travertine. The horrible wallpaper and backsplash are gone. Counters stay.


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Have you thought about turquoise/blue? It might look Caribbean.

Take a look at the link below for some color combinations I found on Houzz

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz pictures of orange counters

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Check out the link below for some laundry room ideas.

Personally my favorite colors are white or a mix of gray and white. To me they just look crisp and clean.

Some photos on that web site did surprise me though, some colors do look smart.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry Room Ideas

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Ideas are fine but they don't always help unless the plan is to gut the space.

Painting is the right idea, I think but, of course, the wallpaper needs to be removed first.

Then there are 3 decisions to make:
1- Will the counters be left or replaced.
2- Will the cabinets be painted as well as the walls.
3- Is there room in the budget to change out the window covering to correct the space mistake that makes.

If the plan is to remove the counters then the color scheme is basically what you like. If the plan is to leave them then I feel the cabinets need to be painted. Because the cabinets are sort of stuck up all over, I'd plan to make them blend vs pop. That can be done with paint.

To do that, I'd plan to pull paint samples of whole wheat bread color browns and creams. Hopefully you like those colors (that's always a factor). But with a travertine floor, especially a light one, those colors are logical. If there are extra floor tiles somewhere that would be very helpful to take to the paint store. The color of the floor could tilt the scheme one way or the other.

If that's ok, then find a greyish brown (I'd try to avoid reddish brown) that works with the counter color well enough to make it look more related to the lower cabinets.

Then I'd try to find a cream/ivory color that works with that brown and has the same undertone. I'd paint the walls and top cabinets in the ivory and the base cabinets in the brown. I'd do the trim in satin and walls in the same color but flat.

Then I'd look for a window covering (with that scheme a natural fiber look would be good) that fills the entire window niche and install it right up under the top of the indent in the wall. I wouldn't get a dark window cover as that will make it look like a hole in the wall rather than blend-y. Changing the window cover will make the wall look much better when everything is done. (If there is budget, I'd change the window to fit the whole space first but that's not necessary).

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Looks fine to me, without that yellow stuff. And a curtain, to see out. Cheap fix, and move on to something important.

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