In Cabinet Lighting (for glass)

colorfastAugust 16, 2011

We are trying to decide on in-cabinet lighting for the one set of glass cabinets we have. These have doors on both sides.

1. Has anyone tried these flexible lighting LED strips? (see link). we were thinking they were lower profile than some LEDs.

2. We have wood shelves. Should we put them on the undersides of the shelves? I noticed in a prior strand on Gardenweb, someone ran the lights up the sides of the cabinet instead--the light pods.

I have also posted this on Kitchens Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flexible Lighting LED strips

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We just put the flexible lighting in our cabinets. Three of the cabinets just have glass on the top, so we put a strip at the top of each one. On the hutch we ran it in a series of three U shapes. Two in the side cabinets and one in the open middle section. A couple of issues we ran into.
1. The transformers were on top of the cabinets and enclosed with crown molding. So, as you would expect, we failed the electrical inspection and the contractor just spent the day cutting access panels in the sides or tops of the cabinets. Not fun to watch. So think about where the transformers and the connection between the strip light and the wire from the transformer is located. It has to be accessible.

2. This is a very new product and the electrician, contractor, lighting supplier and kitchen designer had very little experience in installing this product. So it was a learning experience for several dollars per inch inch!! Do remember that you have to buy transformers, connectors and the light strips. All can get very very pricey. The cost for the hutch alone was over $1,400.

However, it turned out great.


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You can get inspiration on how to wire up the system from looking at the phantom lighting website (They sell lighting systems for applications like yours).

Like Gary said, the transformer has to be in an accessible location. Besides the circuit diagram, you will need to figure out the correct dc wiring gauge based on the current draw of each run and line losses.

Putting the lights along the sides has several advantages over the bottom of the shelf
1. Lights will be less visible.
2. Wiring up adjustable shelving could be challenging.
3. There is more space available at the sides - you will not be limited to flexible strips.

Higher output LEDs strips utilize the flexible PCB as heat sinks and tend to be less flexible.

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Thank you both for your thoughts. My husband is in charge of this piece and I am gathering the research for him.

Since our cabinet has glass doors on both sides, to some extent, the lighting would be seen from some angle or another, I would think.

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You're welcomed.

While it is true that you can save some cash going the DIY route, it is equally possible to spend significantly more.

I would not rule out any form of lighting until the costs for each option have been fully listed out.

If you hide the lights just behind the doors, the effect would be great.

I've included the link to phantom lighting for inspiration.

Here is a link that might be useful: For inspiration

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I found a picture of some awesome interior cabinet.lights. Email me and i will send you the takes to long for me to figure out how to post pictures...
My email is

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