Ideas for strategically lighting black shiny granite bathroom?

cinnamonsworldAugust 20, 2010

If all goes according to plan, my new (smaller, long) bathroom will have 12x12 shiny black granite tile everywhere except the door and the upper sixth of the walls/ceiling. One partial wall will have a floor-ceiling mirror, the other wall where the vanity goes will have a large mirror also.

To pull this off (and I have seen it done beautifully), I need to think strategically about lighting. It will need some diffuse lighting in various places, and then I need to figure out how to best position small floods or something else for the main lighting at the vanity.

Any suggestions on what lighting to put where, or Websites to check specific fixtures at (besides the Home Depot types). Will need to eliminate any issues with light bouncing around and reflecting everywhere.

The bathroom will have a generally modern look but with brass hardware.

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LED Folio has some interesting LED applications - LED molding. It comes in standard 2', 4' and 6' lengths. Custom lengths will cost more. 4' ~ $500+

From the pictures I've seen, the lighting is diffuse.
From a practical standpoint, the cost may be prohibitive. I calculated the cost myself and found it to be outside my budget.

Sconce lighting seems to be in great demand for bathroom vanity lighting.

I would recommend checking out lighting at your local lighting stores first.

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Thanks - their 12x12 LED wall tiles look tempting as well. (The top foot or two of my walls will be white as will the ceiling, so a top row of LED tiles would be an interesting option - albeit I'd probably prefer the LED for moldings that you mentioned. (Price, we'll see - I sent an inquiry.)

I browsed around and saw some other LED strips, including some that are waterproofed but I think to a degree these would be providing a Christmas-light effect, unless they were entirely hidden. It looked like the nice thing about the LED folio lights is you get a nice, diffuse continuous panel.

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