Kitchen Lighting - recessed and under cabinet

amydavsAugust 13, 2014

We just redid the lighting in the kitchen.

Our general contractor has put 2700K LED bulbs for the recessed lighting and 3000K LED panels for the under cabinet lighting.
The 2700K is obviously yellow and the 3000K is clearly white.

The explanation is that the 2700K recessed lighting is for ambient lighting and the 3000K under cabinet lighting is for task lighting. Until now, we have had uniform lighting for both recessed and undercabinet.

I guess I will get used to this different color lighting for ambient and task lighting but just wanted to check with the forum whether this approach is correct.

I have attached a photo (although the photo probably does not show the colors as distinctly as in real life) of the 2700K recessed light contrasting with the 3000K under cabinet lights.

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It's your personal preference that matters the most.

In some kitchens you have a mix of cool (t5 fluorescent UCL, halogen cooker hood, LED lights at 3200 - 3500k ) and warm white general lighting (~2700k).

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