Top Load Extended Warranty

dakota01November 22, 2010

Finally I bought a new W&D. I bought a Maytag set that is the old style, no electronics, push pull knob style.

I know they have limitations, water temp, use more energy/water, but I don't want a washer that locks, spins super fast, etc.

I also bought the matching dryer.

So, is it worth buying the extended 4 year warranty on these low cost, older style units? The washer was reduced to $346.00 the warranty is $100.00.


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Well, it usually cost about 80-100 for a repairman just to show up at your door, plus parts and labor. Since you have a simple running washer, no offense meant by that, I personally would not do the extendeded warranty. Most of these type of washers are trouble free

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Its really a touch decision with modern global market appliances today. They simply arent built like the good old days. I remember back in 1985 being an auto tech I figured I had the skills to fix my own machines so I purchased a brand new set of Maytag 712 washer and dryer and along with them I purchased brand new service manuals for each.
I owned those machines for 17 years, and had only one minor failure in all those years and never replaced one part. I cracked open the washer manual once. When I decided we should upgrade to the new front loaders I never knew how much I would miss those fine machines. The last of the Maytag with helical drive transmission..

But that just goes to show your best laid plans never quite turn out the way you figured it would.

I think since you purchased those machines at a good price you keep them cheap to eat, and if a failure occurs I doubt it will be in the first 4 years, and often if there is going to be a premature failure it will occur the first year on the law of averages.

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If you want to get an extended warranty i would highly recommend squaretrade over the big box store warranties. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I went to check how much a warranty would cost through them for your washer. They don't have a 4 year warranty but they do have a 3 year. Its $50. For 1/2 the cost i would say loosing a year would be worth it...but what i would think would be a even better idea would be to put the $100 in an interest bearing account and you probably will be money ahead :).

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Law of averages dictates against buying extended warranties. Billions, yes billions are made on extended warranties. Several retail chains reported last year that their reported profit is made up of nothing but extended warranty profits.

These companies are willing to take the risk of extended warranty. Ask yourself, Why? It is simple, they know that the manufacturer warranty of one year is sufficient to correct any manufacturing flaws. The warranty is normally profit for them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Should You Buy an Extended Warranty

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