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rikerkNovember 17, 2012

I love your laundry room and I have seen pictures of it many times. Is your corner laundry sink a specialty base or just a regular sink base installed diagonally (not even sure you can do that). I was looking for the Luxart sink that you have but can't seem to find anyplace that sells luxart. I'm in NY. Are your machines on pedestals. If so do you like them? They are quite pricey, but I like the look & they seem like they will be helpful. I am just starting to work on our design. Do you think it will be bad to combine the laundry area with the exercise room?

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Rikerk--Sorry for the late reply--I was out of town. Thanks for the compliments on my laundry room. I will do my best to answer your questions--

Sink Base- To my knowledge it is either a corner sink base or a corner cabinet that they installed the sink in. Since it doesn't have the drawer on top (just a faux drawer front) I'm guessing a corner sink base.

Sink-Hajoca Plumbing supply carries the Luxart brand. I did a quick search and it looks like there are plenty of Hajoca locations surrounding (but not in) NY. They might could handle the transaction over the phone and/or have it shipped to you if there isn't one in a neighboring state close to you. I looked at the Luxart site and didn't see any distributors in NY at all. My DM has a similar sink made by Artisan. Many other manufacturers make a similar sink with the same overall specs, but Luxart had the best price and delivery time in our area added to the fact that Hajoca was the plumber's supplier. I added a link below to the Luxart 'Locations' page.

W/D-Our machines are on pedestals. They have their pros & cons. The pedestals aren't tall enough to store most liquid detergents and softeners so that's a drawback. Most powders will fit though & of course dryer sheets. The biggest pro is that they put the openings to the machines at a nice height for loading and unloading compared to no pedestals. We seem to generate a TON of laundry so that's a very nice feature to have especially since I fold the clothes straight from the dryer. Definitely check out the scratch & dent areas of your local Lowe's and HD stores on Friday afternoon/early Saturday morning to see if you can get a good deal on them. Often, people will order them and then they won't fit in the allotted space and they get returned. Also, if you have a Sears Outlet nearby, some excellent deals on pedestals (and machines) can be had in there.

Laundry + Exercise Room- How big will the space be? If there's plenty of space for both, I say go for it. For many years, my office shared space with my laundry room. Other than having to give up mega folding space for all the office stuff, it worked nicely.

One Thing You Didn't Mention- The pullout hampers. Those things are absolutely WONDERFUL! I highly recommend them to anyone that is building or redoing their laundry room. Sorting and storage all in one and nicely hidden from view. Plus, 1 hamper = 1 large load of laundry--when it's full, just toss it in the washer! Just remember if you go with them to spec 'full height double trash pullouts'. If you spec 'hamper' you will get a very short & small pullout that holds maybe 2 changes of clothes.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your project--can't wait to see pics!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Luxart Locations Page

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We have a finished basement that is a good size. I used to have a preschool in the basement & had a small kitchenette area that we used for an art center (that location used to be where the washer & dryer hookup was originally and the vent is still there). I was considering making that are my laundry center & there is a sink. What program do you use to mock up the laundry room. Anyway that section is open to the other side where I intend to setup a family area with our old furniture and flatscreen. I also have our old table that is bar height that is 3 x 4 that I can use for laundry & family activities.

I definitely plan to incorporate your laundry pullouts for sorting. Can you tell me what size the cabinets are that hold the laundry baskets. Anyway you can tell me your dimensions so I can get an idea of how much space I need.

I found a blanco sink, but was hoping not to spend $400. I will call one of the NJ locations & getr pricing.

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You are so lucky to have such a great space :-) I am envious!!

To answer your question, the pullout door fronts are 18" wide and full height (no drawer above) with the toe kick + cabinet w/ pullouts + granite countertop @ 36" high. They are 24" deep (standard counter depth). I have 3 of them side by side with a spacer on either end for a total of 60" from the wall to the corner cabinet edge.

I use SmartDraw VP for my layouts/floorplans/elevations. I've posted their site link below. Worth every last penny & you can even do a 7day free trial to see if you like it. Very intuitive and easy to use without even reading the instructions!

I found a few different brands of similar D-Sinks online on eBay for you. I hear you on not wanting to pay $400! I make no warranty as to the quality, brand or seller, but these may work for you. eBay and the back warehouses of the local plumbing houses were my best friends when I was building. Do note that if you check out the local plumbing houses, you may have to ask several times if they have any clearance/discontinued/display/overstock items in the back. They will try to get you to order/buy the full price stuff until you make it pretty clear you're only interested in the heavily discounted items in the back. Anyway, here are a few links to undermount D-Sinks on eBay. These are definitely not the only ones on there, by any means, just the 1st 3 I came across tonight.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Smart Draw VP Website

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Thank you for your help

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Do you have the dimensions of your entire laundry room? Didi you order the FH trash already installed in the cabinets or did you add them after the cabinets were installed? Do you have any idea what size the trash containers are (how many quarts?) Have a happy thanksgiving

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My laundry room is 8'x8'9" with a ~2.5'x2.5' corner that protrudes into the room in the far right corner (the corner wall butts up to the washer on one side and the short run counter/cabinets on the other side). The FH trash parts are a Rev-A-Shelf product the cabinet guy installed after the cabinet base went in. I believe the cans are 50qt--these 2 links take you to similar ones.

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Thanks for the rev a shelf trash links. I am debating whether or not I should stack the washer and dryer that I just purchased. I want to put the laundry area in one L of the room. The space that I think I can dedicate to the laundry L is 84" x 84" with the other half of the room remaining open. If I stack I can put the washer/Dryer stack 30" + 18" base +36" corner sink on the 84" side and then on the other section would be the otherside of the 36" corner sink cab + 21" trash pullout for sorting +21"trash pull out. I would also have a 3x4 table in the room for folding. What do you think? I really wanted to put the machines on the pedestals but it doesn't possible unless I put a machine on each end of the L.

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So the laundry area will be open to the rest of the downstairs space?

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Yes, that is correct. It is going to share space with the exercise area. Then the otherside will be a family area.

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