Anyone have Maxlite Led light bars for undercabinet lights?

paulflyboyAugust 12, 2012

I think I have settled on the Maxlite direct wire Led light bars. If you have them, are you satisfied with them? I plan on getting the 12" with 18 Led lights and a few of the 6" with 9 led lights.

I was looking at these versus the Phillips eW profile lights. I would have to have a large power box in all 3 of my lighting zones with those and it seems like a pain.

Any feedback on Maxlite would be appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Maxlite led light bar

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No experience, but I am considering these as well. I need something Because of the way my kitchen cabs are, I would need 5 transformers to do the LED strip lights, and I don't have a place to hide 5 transformers. And to get a transformer thin enough to mount under the cabinet I would need to give up dimming. Plus, when I add it all up it's about half the price of the eW profiles for my application.

Davidtay - if you're out there - what do you think of these?

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The form factor isn't all that sleek and the output is somewhat lower than the eW Profiles.

You probably don't need 5 power supplies unless you intend to have 5 independent zones.

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What do you mean by "form factor not sleek"? Yes, they are ugly but if thin enough won't be seen, right? And none are really pretty. The output seems to be roughly the same as the environmentallights led light bars.

I don't need 5 independent zones. I think I need 2 though (2 different walls separated by a doorway). But how to get the power over to the other side - run a wire across the rangetop? Seems like a bad idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: my other thread which shows layout

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I am in the same position. I have 3 different zones, so I would need 3 power supplies. I still haven't bought the Maxlite yet, still debating. I really like the eW profile but their lengths are the best for my cabinets. Also, the price of them is a lot more.


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