Recessed lighting spacing question for room with low ceiling

bridgestoneAugust 7, 2012

We are finishing part of our basement and planning on installing some lighting. I would love some feedback!

The room already has a drywall ceiling at 6'9", I know, low and is about 13' x 33'. I have access to put recessed 6" cans, and that's what I was planning. It would work with current HVAC, plumbing, etc to do 10 cans, 2 x 5, at about 6'8" over the length, and whatever width, maybe the same, 6'8".

I already got the parts, but now I'm worried that it won't look good at all. I bought the reflector bulbs, but maybe I'll have to try the type A's. With the low ceiling, is it going to look bad by being spotty and mostly dark?

Should I go with a fluorescent fixture?


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If you utilize the Cree CR6, the light spread will be great.

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There is the Home Depot version of the CR6 (Ecosmart ECO-575L), which is now about $35. It is the light and trim, so you just install it on the can.

The new version, 800 lumens, is out as CR6, but not yet as an Ecosmart ECO-800L. It presently costs about $55 each; I would expect the Ecosmart one to show up in a month or two, at maybe $45 or so.

Here is a link that might be useful: Specs on the CR6 version, including beam spread

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