3 Questions on Kitchen Lighting Plan

elaine_renoAugust 20, 2009

I would appreciate everyone's advice on these 3 questions about my kitchen lighting plan. I can't see how to post an image of the plan, which would make this much easier.

The kitchen is 19.5 by 13.5 feet, with a 12 foot wide window above a long counter. I plan to put 4" line voltage recessed cans with mini-floods in a rectangle to light the counters and work areas, as well as under-counter lights and a hanging light over the table.

1. To light the counter in front of the long window, should I put the recessed cans right over the counter, perhaps 18" away from the wall, or further out past the edge of the counter?

2. On the other side of the kitchen is a long run of cabinets which are 6' of counter and regular upper cabinets, and then 6' of fridge, built in oven and pantry. How far away from the back wall should I put the recessed cans, 3 feet? I've read here that 4" cans should be 4' apart. Does that rule hold for kitchens too?

3. Any recommendations to light the island which has a skylight directly over most of it? Do you think I could put recessed cans on the opposite ends of the sloped sides of the skylight box, which would point down to the island surface?



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I think to dress up the island you could add a spot light pendant chandelier to each side of the skylight.

The best way for you to see what I'm talking about would be for you to click on the link below and then click on the lampsplus block on that page. When that page opens on the very top is a search box, type in this number 42940-70045 and it will bring you to the lights I'm talking about. Sorry if this sounds complicated but I can't think of another way so you can see the lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lighting So Exciting/Art Glass Lighting

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You should install 4" low voltage receesed lights 18" off the wall over the sink area
You should install 5" recessed fixtures with 75PAR30 lamps, on 4" centres, 18'ff the leading edge of the counter on the long wall.
Light the island with 2-$' L.V. recessed fixyues with arecessed gimbal trim or a elbow, aiming the lamos to the centre of the island

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