Eliminate Glare with Recessed Lighting

judi82August 23, 2010

I am planning on 6 CREE LR6 recessed lights and 2 CREE LR4E-15 recessed lights for my kitchen remodel. I initially thought I would use a white trim, but I have heard that a white baffle causes glare. Is that the case with the CREE lights, and if so, what color baffle should I install?

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Just install surface mount and/or pendant fixtures instead of (or in addition to) recessed cans. With the additional "free" indirect lighting they provide, your glare and shadow problems will disappear.

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I have the LR6 with the white trim. I don't see any glare anywhere.

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White trims are the worst product to use as a recessed trim.
The idea of a white baffle was to get rid of the "black holes " in the ceiling.
The result is glare,the one thing that all good lighting designers strive to eliminate.
Unfortunately this has become the norm in residential lighting.
However, the function of the trim is to disperse light horizontally , and to control glare.
The very best trim, and one has is used in just about every non-residential application , is the clear alzak or haze trim.

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Doesn't Cree offer an optional trim for the LR6? I think it is about $20. I would put in the lights and add the trim later if you think you really need it.

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