do I need reflector bulbs in a can with reflecting trim?

SeeBuyFlyAugust 13, 2011

A number of people (esp. in the Kitchens forum) report using recessed cans with Alzak trim and reflector bulbs.

Perhaps I am missing something, but what's the point? Won't the pricy alzak trim do the same job as the reflector in the bulb, allowing me to use cheaper (e.g. spiral CFL) bulbs?

Specifically, I have ordered Juno 27WHZ-WH tapered cone trims (wheat alzak) for the 6" medium-base cans that are being put in. This should 'capture' the light from a naked bulb, right?

Many thanks,

Many thanks,

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The trim does not reflect all the emitted light from the bulb out of the can. The physical characteristics of recessed cans make it such that there will always be trapped light when a bulb is inside a can.

I have screw in CFLs in some cans with reflective trim and the light output is never enough or very good.

On the other hand, LED modules such as the CR6/ LR6 and RT6 perform much better - lesser conical lighting effect, more light.

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